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ChatGPT-Enabled Platform for Evaluating Individual Employees’ Skills

Intelligent solution for enterprise-scale expertise evaluation and digital transformation of a professional development system

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Project snapshot

Our client is a global information technology company trusted by businesses across various industries as a reliable partner in implementing sustainable innovations that streamline business flows, optimize resources, and contribute to steady growth. The company has evolved to a multinational scale and has several thousand skilled employees with different levels of professional expertise.

With dozens of technologically advanced projects running simultaneously for over a hundred customers, the client focuses on its employees, relying on them to deliver effective, cost-efficient, and elegant software solutions. Valuing individuals as its foremost priority, the company implements specific measures to uphold and enhance the professional skills of its employees, actively supporting their personal and career development.

Business challenge

The client was looking for a smart solution for reorganizing its expertise management with the goal of getting a complete view of employees’ current skills and knowledge and identifying gaps in expertise that could be filled with professional development and education. Committed to providing stellar service to its customers, the client has focused on maintaining the most competent team of experts in their IT sector. To achieve this goal, the client needed an enterprise-scale platform for evaluating individual employee’s skills and determining if any professional training is needed to assist people on their career paths.

Additionally, our client recognized the importance of monitoring current market trends and developing a centralized perspective on the evolution of IT knowledge on a global scale. Such a complete understanding of fast-changing market demands can empower the business to create the most effective professional training and development plans for its employees.

ChatGPT-Enabled Platform for Evaluating Individual Employees’ Skills

Solution delivered

To enable our client to get a complete view of their employees’ skills, we designed an intelligent cloud-based AI-powered platform for evaluating each person’s level of individual expertise and building employees’ professional profiles. The solution is built around ChatGPT, relying on the generative AI and its revolutionary ability to process and analyze large volumes of data from various sources.

The pioneering skills evaluation platform analyzes both internal and external data sources, such as SharePoint and LinkedIn, extracting details, both explicit and inferred, pertaining to an employee’s professional level and development. Based on exhaustive research of this data, the tool categorizes an employee’s skill information, creating an all-around profile of an employee’s competences and identifying areas where additional training may be required. The platform features a user-friendly web UI displaying a graphical overview of an employee’s skills categorized by programming language, framework, tools, and other qualifications.

Leverage AI to boost your competitiveness on the IT services market.

Business outcomes

The AI-based solution delivered empowered our client with additional opportunities for managing its skill pool and offering more competitive development, design, and consulting services on the information technology market. The platform allows for taking the company’s expertise management to a whole new level:

  • Consolidated skills repository presents a 360-degree view of the expertise that employees contribute to the company’s pool
  • Streamlined management of the competence database
  • Easy identification of key experts in various areas of knowledge
  • Automatic employee profile updates based on changes in public professional information
  • Accurate detection of employee skills gaps, creating a basis for professional development recommendations
  • Assessment of the company’s competitive status, considering current market trends
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