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Our agriculture drone software development expertise

We help AgriTech providers of agriculture drone software to empower farmers with actionable insights instead of overwhelming them with unstructured data. To do this, we apply our expertise in drone image processing software and 17 years of software development experience to collect, process, and analyze aerial imagery for precision farming. We cover the full lifecycle of agriculture drone software development, including designing user interfaces, establishing cloud infrastructure, and developing drone farm mapping solutions from rapid prototypes to initial products with planned updates for enhanced agriculture drone services.

Why choose Intellias for drone agriculture software development?

We have expertise in location based services and empower our clients with GIS data for precise agricultural mapping software

We have experience with data from IoT sensors to reinforce precision drone agriculture software for better crop monitoring

We apply ag drone software with computer vision to monitor crop health, protect crops from damage, and predict the impact of weather

Our platform development services help manage all fields within a cloud infrastructure that unites drone imagery analytics, reports, and data insights

Interpret aerial imagery for profitable crop decisions

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Drone imagery analysis for crop monitoring

The Intellias R&D team has built a web-based application to collect drone images of trial plots for investigating crop conditions and homogeneity. The app conducts a thorough assessment based on trial data and matches drone images with additional satellite images. Finally, it saves the assessment in a proprietary format, overlays it on the field map as an additional layer, and uploads the results to a huge database to compare them and predict growth.

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Drone data management platform

A leading US provider of drone data and navigation software was creating a drone data management platform for identifying restricted flight areas, real-time flight altitudes, headings, and speed. We helped them implement drone GIS data processing and design a cloud platform architecture, including designing the API and migrating data. We also enriched drone maps with safety-critical third-party data on no-fly zones, local regulations, temporary flight restrictions, power lines, terrain, weather, and possible obstacles.

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Client reference 

“We started with a small agile team to develop several MVPs. Then we scaled to the whole product development lifecycle. Intellias gave us five dedicated recruiters to search for candidates, making me feel that we are one team working together on a daily basis. When you need dedicated engineers, Intellias is one of the top companies in Ukraine. They have a big pool of talent already, all with an international culture. This helped me select the right candidates and made my life so much easier.”

Digital Delivery Manager, Multinational agricultural corporation

Building agricultural drone software for predictable ROI and sustainable farming

Increase efficiency with aerial imagery for agriculture

Farmers face numerous challenges in everyday farming operations. Even after collecting drone and satellite images with drone software for agriculture, the results don’t come promptly. Collected images should be processed to extract the necessary data, label it, and proceed with analysis. Only by combining technologies like drone farm mapping, IoT sensing, and data analytics can help farmers optimize their work.

Intellias applies advanced technologies proven in other industries for delivering agriculture drone services to maximize the benefits of aerial imagery for agriculture. Our engineers work on robust integrations to streamline the flow of drone data to apps and merge data on specific fields with big databases for comparison. Within a single ecosystem, each solution can thrive and lead to increased farming efficiency.

Automate tasks with agricultural drone analysis technology

Farming operations rely extensively on manual work, which entails significant expenses for field labor and related costs for fuel and machinery. Machine learning software for agricultural drones can automate farming operations and build a solid foundation for an autonomous farm. Data collected with drone agriculture software becomes valuable input for further automated actions performed by farming robotics.

The ability to monitor trial plots is one of the biggest advantages of drone data processing software. Commonly, farmers run operations on several fields to experiment with fertilizers, irrigation, and active ingredients and find the best conditions for growing a particular crop. Instead of collecting trial data manually, drones can image each plot and transmit data automatically for comparison with defined criteria.

Introduce precision using aerial agricultural mapping

Intellias offers AgriTech providers farm mapping services to create accurate map layers with all data insights gathered by drones and satellite photos. As collecting data is only half the struggle, we also cover the mapping of data insights on relevant fields to address recognized issues. Such drone agriculture mapping software helps to optimize operations and predict ROI for each field, which is critical for farmers.

Integration with accounting systems also plays a crucial role, allowing farmers to overlay financial data onto field maps built on drone imagery. AgriTech providers can win from agriculture platforms where solutions are easily accessible within cloud and do not require additional computing power from customers. Sustainable agriculture can flourish thanks to other solutions united with agriculture drone software.

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