Drones in Agriculture

Intellias is a trusted technology partner for AgriTech companies. We help our clients enhance their drone software for agriculture by analyzing GIS data and aerial images of fields, comparing that data against certain criteria, and synchronizing it with large databases. Farmers can use drone agriculture software to monitor crop health, track livestock, plan irrigation, and predict yields based on insights acquired from fields. Intellias contribute to drone solutions for agriculture by applying its engineering services and technology expertise in drone agriculture mapping software at scale.

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We help AgriTech providers to empower farmers with actionable insights instead of overwhelming them with unstructured data. To do this, we apply our expertise in drone image processing software to collect, process, and analyze aerial imagery for precision farming. We cover the full lifecycle of development, including designing user interfaces, establishing cloud infrastructure, and developing drone farm mapping solutions.

Drone field mapping

Compile accurate custom map layers with drone image processing software to perform real-time analytics of crops and soil conditions

UAV data processing

Analyze, store, and report on drone data using 3D modeling APIs and powerful algorithms for accurate drone image processing

Analysis of custom zones and plots

Simplify crop analytics by defining custom field zones and dividing trial plots to aggregate and export precise statistics

Agricultural drone spraying

Apply UAV drone software to distinguish between infected and healthy areas for accurate spraying of fertilizer and pesticides

Aerial crop scouting and health analysis

Combine aerial crop imaging, aerial sensor technology, and crop scouting drone software for autonomous field management to detect field issues

Drone planting systems

Rely on plant count mapping and analytics software to automate costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive planting

Real-time livestock monitoring

Create mapping and AI-based software for GPS tagging, thermal recognition, and tracking of livestock movements, health, and quantity

Drone irrigation management

Monitor moisture levels, avoid draining and pooling, and follow natural land runoff to optimize irrigation system design and scheduling

Interpret aerial imagery for profitable crop decisions

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