One Webinar, Three Key Disruptors – AI, Open Banking & Embedded Finance

Change is the only constant in the finance industry. When new disruptions appear, your company must come to grips with them.

The following disruptors are transforming the finance industry: AI, open banking, and embedded finance. To stay ahead and maintain a competitive advantage you need to adapt and utilize them.

AI, Open Banking and Embedded Finance - turn them into competitive advantages for your business:

Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

Innovative Business Models and Revenue Opportunities

Enhanced Customer Experience and Loyalty

Meet our speakers


Olaf Baunack 1

Olaf Baunack

SVP, Global Head of Sales FS&I at Intellias


Christoph Kecher 1

Christoph Kecher



Oleksandr Gorinov 1

Oleksandr Gorinov

Head of the Antifraud and Informational Risks Unit at OTP Bank


Pavlo Khropatyy 1

Pavlo Khropatyy

VP, Global Head of Delivery FS&I at Intellias

Key discussion points

AI: How to leverage AI automation to enhance efficiency and customer service.

Open Banking: Utilizing account aggregation for enhanced customer experiences.

Embedded Finance: Integrating various services with other platforms to create a unique financial ecosystem.

Watch the replay

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