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Our urban mobility expertise

Intellias empowers next-generation urban mobility with software engineering services, helping forward-thinking companies push the envelope on smart transportation solutions. With 20 years of experience in smart urban mobility solutions, we know how to apply cutting-edge technology to bring maximum value — whether it’s more efficient public transportation, adaptive route planning, real-time navigation, connected fleet management, or urban traffic management. Unlock competitive advantages for your urban mobility management business using our experience in digital mapping, fleet telematics, and cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Smart urban mobility service providers we work with

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Smart cities & intelligent infrastructure developers

We help you introduce software-driven mobility solutions throughout a city’s infrastructure to instantly monitor weather and road conditions, remotely control smart traffic signals and difficult intersections, easily assess tolls and locate parking slots, and efficiently manage public transportation and vehicle fleets.

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Mobility as a service (MaaS) providers

You can apply our software development expertise to create apps, services, and platforms that remove the burden of painful trip planning from transport users and make transportation joyful and effortless. Assist drivers in driving their own cars, assist residents in using ridesharing services and public transportation systems with an increased level of automation, provide better customer service, and do less harm to the environment.

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Carsharing and ridesharing companies

We help you create digital mobility solutions for carsharing to minimize traffic congestion by decreasing the number of private cars on the road, advocate sustainability in overcrowded cities by decreasing vehicle pollution, and satisfy the needs of commuters who use transportation services every day to get around cities.

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eMobility and EV charging infrastructure developers

We create technologies like smart routing navigation for EVs and mobile apps for eMobility services to reinforce your effort in promoting ecological, sustainable, and efficient transportation systems for cities through improving electric vehicle infrastructure, micro-mobility services, and other electric mobility services.

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Parking management companies

Get all the required skills and expertise to develop urban mobility technology for solving the everlasting problem of parking cars and finding free slots near restaurants, shops, hotels, and other points of interest around the city. We help you create driver-friendly apps for navigating through overcrowded spaces and finding an optimal route to the closest spot.

Technology ecosystem for urban mobility solutions development

Intellias is helping forward-thinking mobility solution providers push the envelope on smart urban mobility. With 20 years of experience in software development, we know how to leverage cutting-edge technology to bring maximum value — whether it’s more efficient public transportation, adaptive route planning, real-time navigation, connected fleet management, or other urban transportation solutions.

Applications & integrations

Connect urban mobility systems with platforms and applications for an effortless exchange of data to give businesses, users, and residents easy access to transportation and smart city services.

Connectivity & IoT

Unite the latest technologies like 5G and connected sensors to provide an exceptional experience to users, manage an entire ecosystem of devices, and ensure stable access to online services.

Cloud & DevSecOps

Build and nurture cloud-based infrastructure for urban mobility technologies, reinforced with modern DevSecOps practices for secure and stable performance of software-driven mobility solutions.

Big data & data science

Consolidate a huge amount of data collected from connected vehicles, mobile devices, online services, weather stations, and advanced infrastructure to get actionable insights and automate critical decisions.

Edge processing

Improve the efficiency of smart devices and react faster to critical data from sensors installed in vehicles and infrastructure even when sensors are offline or the connection is limited due to difficult road conditions.

Location-based services

Streamline the application of location services and mapping data and make accurate navigation easily accessible for better route planning, fleet management, venue navigation, and smart city development.

Embedded development

Install smart sensors in the core of vehicles and infrastructure to monitor and manage the performance of critical parts, comply with emissions standards, and increase road safety to promote safe and sustainable transportation.

Implement innovative urban mobility solutions for sustainable future

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Connected carsharing solution

Intellias designed an innovative human machine interface (HMI) application to align the connected carsharing customer experience with the needs and expectations of various user personas like businesspeople, travelers, and environmentalists.

Learn more Connected carsharing solution

Smart parking system for urban areas

A smart parking app that provides seamless mobile navigation to drivers, enabling them to easily find a free parking space and offering an optimal route based on time, distance, parking costs and other criteria.

Learn more Smart parking system for urban areas

Mobility solution for a seamless transit experience

An IoT-driven urban mobility platform that empowers users with guided multimodal navigation, real-time positioning, advanced route planning, smart parking, and more.

Learn more Mobility solution for a seamless transit experience

Smart IoT solution for resolving traffic jams

Connecting vehicles, people and road infrastructure under a unified IoT-enabled location platform to minimize traffic congestion, deliver real-time road condition alerts and enhance road traffic safety.

Learn more Smart IoT solution for resolving traffic jams

Electric vehicle trip planner for multi-stop routing

An innovative navigation solution that seamlessly integrates with electric vehicles and optimizes the EV charging strategy to enable efficient route planning for short- and long-distance trips.

Learn more Electric vehicle trip planner for multi-stop routing

AI-based mobility safety solution

We’ve developed software for detecting pedestrians and predicting their trajectories by applying Kalman filtering. The solution also segments the road and prevents collisions through instant road analysis.

Learn more AI-based mobility safety solution

Parking easy with Intellias

Finding free parking spots close to restaurants, shops, hotels, and any other points of interest has always been a challenging experience. We’ve designed a handy application to eliminate this problem and help drivers navigate through crowded spaces. Our concept app builds optimal routes to free spots and guides drivers right to the closest point.

Why partner with Intellias for urban transportation solutions?

  • Focus on long-term partnerships

    Our core interest is growing the technological capabilities and expertise of both our clients and our engineers. We believe the main driver of success is a synergy between partners that grows over years of trust and as a result of full transparency. We establish long-term partnerships by sharing our clients’ goals and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

  • Industry-specific knowledge

    We share niche industry expertise to help you thrive within fierce competition. Intellias establishes Centers of Excellence, actively leverages ecosystem provider partnerships, cultivates industry best practices with project managers and engineers, and maintains a strong project and program management framework.

  • Constant scaling capabilities

    With seven engineering and delivery centers in Ukraine and Poland, we can reinforce your project with the expertise you need from among our 2500 in-house custom software developers or streamline the hiring process with an extensive talent pool of 500,000 developers on the Central and Eastern European talent market.

  • Focus on the client

    You will receive a personalized approach to your business’s and users’ challenges. To provide this, we study the needs of your company and your users in practice, then develop specific service models that can help you at distinct stages of your technology journey. We strive to exceed expectations by working closely with you as a technology partner.

  • Strong organization and delivery governance

    Day by day, we work on making our fast-growing organization stronger and more efficient. We establish clearly defined roles for our engineers, managers, and technologists. Our goal is to provide all the tools needed for effective communication with clients and to enable transparency and visibility in terms of performance, risks, and project progress.

  • Personal data protection

    Rest assured that your intellectual property and personal data are secure and protected in compliance with requirements. We follow internal intellectual property protection policies and strict NDAs to avoid potential data leaks or disclosure of information outside of the company. We also apply security best practices combined with our own experience working with clients.

How you can achieve a sustainable future with urban mobility technology

Transform cities and infrastructure

From streetlights that adjust to match traffic density to smart city planning based on drivers’, businesses’, and citizens’ needs, mobility solution providers can transform entire cities into efficient ecosystems for living and offer easy ways to commute from rural areas.

Improve safety on roads and streets

Sensors and cameras installed throughout a city’s infrastructure and by the road — together with advanced driving and self-driving systems in vehicles — make city living more comfortable for all residents, including kids and people with disabilities.

Ease traffic congestion

Convenient public transportation, a well-developed micro-mobility system, a data-driven approach to city development, and growth of ridesharing services can reduce the number of private cars on the road, reducing traffic density and optimizing city parking.

Become sustainable and carbon neutral

Urban mobility management solutions increase the efficiency of EVs, making it easier to find a nearby charging station and also promoting a more sustainable approach to city infrastructure, giving more space for green zones instead of large parking lots or additional lanes.

Shaping the future of urban mobility

Solve mobility challenges with multimodal transport solutions

With steady urban population growth and congestion close to unbearable, getting around in a city becomes tough as urban infrastructure is ill-equipped to handle the increasing demand.

At Intellias, we enable public and private transport operators with customer-oriented multimodal smart mobility solutions to keep the city moving efficiently. Cars, bikes, e-scooters or public transport — offer flexibility to power greater freedom of movement for users. Make these experiences go hand in hand with accurate navigation, real-time route planning, fleet management software, and seamless in-app payments to drive user engagement to the next level.

Unlock the power of big data for smart city infrastructure

Big data lies at the heart of the smart city. Self-driving cars, smart traffic lights, connected cameras, and IoT-sensors are all contributing the information to improve urban mobility.

Intellias helps mobility service providers, delivery companies, and sharing economy brands harness big data analytics to maximize efficiency and deliver greater returns. From urban mobility solutions to smart transport solutions, we build feature-rich data-driven services that leverage location intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and predictive modeling to streamline urban traffic and bring next-gen convenience to users.

Leverage AI to deliver personalized mobility experiences

In a highly competitive urban mobility landscape, differentiate your brand and gain a wider market share by giving users what they crave — convenient and personalized driving experiences.

Tap into our AI expertise to build intelligent systems that collect and analyze data on user preferences, previous behavior, traffic flow, weather conditions, and more to create highly contextualized and personalized mobility experiences. Empower drivers with personalized micro-mobility options, intelligent navigation capabilities, smart parking functionality, and optimized route planning based on a user’s profile and real-time context to deliver a seamless end-to-end mobility experience.

Frequently asked questions about urban mobility solution providers

What is urban mobility?
Urban mobility is a new approach to transportation within overcrowded cities and nearby areas as well as the development of city infrastructure based on people’s everyday needs. Nowadays, urban mobility is much bigger than getting people from one location to another. Residents need better access to urban services. Apart from this, the growing demand for sustainability among regular people, eco activists, and authorities is having a great impact on promoting urban mobility systems as part of a cleaner future for our planet.
Why is urban mobility important?
The global population living in cities is constantly growing, making the demand for urban services higher than ever. Urban mobility management impacts society on a global scale by improving the quality of life in cities. From better planning of transportation systems to user-friendly carsharing apps, mobility software services give people the opportunity to focus on more important things in their lives than just getting from point A to point B. In addition to offering convenience, digital mobility solutions help with saving energy resources, increasing business efficiency, and advocating sustainability and ecological approaches to city development.
How can I upgrade my urban mobility system?
Transport policies and government initiatives play a big part in shaping today’s cities. Still, without modern traffic mobility solutions and urban mobility technology, urban development activities take too long or ignore the real-life struggles of residents. A smarter approach can be achieved by implementing recent and emerging technologies like big data, location services, AI automation, IoT sensors, digital twins, and advanced connectivity. Among the best urban mobility solutions are self-driving cars, air mobility drones and last-mile delivery services, electric vehicles and truck fleets, micro-mobility services like e-scooters and bicycles, smart infrastructure and venues, all-around connectivity, and interconnected sensor ecosystems.
What is smart mobility technology?
Apart from global concepts like smart cities, urban mobility technology is based on practical and already available software and digital products. It also includes location data collection, analytics, and the development of various simulation models and interactive virtual systems. Such technologies further assist in planning and building transport systems and infrastructure for trains, buses, autonomous shuttles, and road junctions. All urban mobility technologies are united into one ecosystem, integrating car drivers, vehicles, and infrastructure to optimize transport management and city operations and to provide commuters with more accurate travel information.
What are the major trends in urban mobility?
Mobility solutions for the transportation industry have become mainstream across cities worldwide. The reasons for that are quite apparent – a growing population, dangerous pollution, increased demand for urban services, and overwhelming traffic jams. Every smart mobility solution provider is ready to confront these challenges. Among the most recent trends shaping the urban mobility future are demand-based and responsive transportation systems together with microtransit and multimodal transportation. Both of these trends originate from the shared mobility model, which significantly reduces the number of private cars on the road. New demand-based models will remove the main problems of fixed-route public transport, preventing unnecessary stops, long transit times, and overcrowded buses.
What is the future of urban mobility?
The future of urban mobility is bright, and not only because it’s all electric. Many steps have already been taken to lay a solid basis for the development of smart urban mobility. A big part of the future of mobility is about giving people what they need without requiring them to travel a long distance. Delivery services are already technology-driven. Another driver of the future of mobility is the desire for an ecological approach and responsible living. Cities should be motivated not only by the desires of people to get what they want but also by an understanding of giving back to the place we live. Cities can be leaders in creating sustainable pathways to prevent climate change and cherish the environment in its natural form.

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