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We help carsharing companies, car rental businesses, and micromobility/mobility service providers develop smart mobility solutions that enhance the customer experience and lead to better outcomes. You can differentiate your urban mobility solutions and services according to market needs with our strong expertise in fleet telematics, digital mapping, navigation and routing systems, and payment processing integrations.

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Our services

Intellias empowers next-generation urban mobility, helping forward-thinking companies push the envelope on smart transportation solutions. We know how to apply cutting-edge technology to bring maximum value — whether it’s more efficient public transportation, adaptive route planning, real-time navigation, connected fleet management, or urban traffic management. Unlock competitive advantages for your urban mobility management business using our experience in digital mapping, fleet telematics, and cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Mapping & navigation

Build interactive maps that respond to the needs of various groups moving around the city and navigate them precisely where they need to go within buildings, on the road, or in the air

GPS tracking & telematics

Collect useful telematics data from sources including city infrastructure, connected devices, and in-vehicle sensors to manage huge fleets, track precious cargoes, and enhance the customer experience

Route planning & optimization

Optimize transportation networks, delivery costs, and traffic density using smart route planning — including building battery-friendly routes for electric vehicles — to promote sustainability in overcrowded urban environments

Traffic intelligence

Simulate traffic situations and vehicle movements in virtual environments to minimize real-life congestion, road incidents, and problematic road areas without overspending on reconstruction

Multimodal transit planning

Connect various means of transportation into a unified system where passengers can easily plan their routes, save costs, and save time in order to motivate people to use public transport and advocate sustainable city infrastructure

Customization & integration

Adopt ready-to-use urban mobility solutions and platforms to benefit your business by finding the right balance between custom development, adjustment of required features, and implementation of existing services

Technology ecosystem for urban mobility solutions

Applications & integrations

Connect urban mobility systems with platforms and applications for an effortless exchange of data to give businesses, users, and residents easy access to transportation and smart city services.

Connectivity & IoT

Unite the latest technologies like 5G and connected sensors to provide an exceptional experience to users, manage an entire ecosystem of devices, and ensure stable access to online services.

Cloud & DevSecOps

Build and nurture cloud-based infrastructure for urban mobility technologies, reinforced with modern DevSecOps practices for secure and stable performance of software-driven mobility solutions.

Big data & data science

Consolidate a huge amount of data collected from connected vehicles, mobile devices, online services, weather stations, and advanced infrastructure to get actionable insights and automate critical decisions.

Edge processing

Improve the efficiency of smart devices and react faster to critical data from sensors installed in vehicles and infrastructure even when sensors are offline or the connection is limited due to difficult road conditions.

Location-based services

Streamline the application of location services and mapping data and make accurate navigation easily accessible for better route planning, fleet management, venue navigation, and smart city development.

Embedded development

Install smart sensors in the core of vehicles and infrastructure to monitor and manage the performance of critical parts, comply with emissions standards, and increase road safety to promote safe and sustainable transportation.

Implement innovative urban mobility solutions for sustainable future

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