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Our approach


We do:

  • Transfer and analyze knowledge
  • Held workshops and interviews
  • Provide quantitative and qualitative research
  • Analyze the scope of tasks
  • Define roadmaps and scenarios
  • Approve strategy with stakeholders


You get:

  • Reports
  • Personas
  • Scenarios and Journey maps
  • Problem statement
  • Roadmap with milestones and estimates


We do:

  • Provide ideation
  • Design information architecture
  • Provide wireframing and prototyping
  • Prepare MVP or PoC
  • Validate solution
  • Analyze feedback
  • Implement amends


You get:

  • Concepts
  • Information architecture
  • Low- and high-fidelity wireframes
  • Interactive prototypes
    MVP or PoC
  • Interaction logic documentation
  • Reports


We do:

  • Develop UI kit or design system
  • Design User Interface
  • Supervise design implementation


You get:

  • High-fidelity User Interface
  • Interactive prototypes
  • UI kit or design system
  • Design specification
  • Source files, documentation and artifacts delivery
  • Business needs
  • Human-centered
  • Problem statement
  • Іdeation
  • Interaction design
  • Solution validation
  • Graphical user interface design
  • Specifications and support
  • Design delivery

Boost retail digital transformation with exceptional UI/UX

Success storiesView all case studies

Microservice architecture design to optimize supply chain management

Our client is one of the top tire manufacturing companies globally and is among the world’s leading operators of commercial truck service and tire retreading centers ranked on the Fortune 500 list. They decided to develop a fleet management platform to optimize logistics and supply chain management, reduce documentation processes, speed up the workflow, and maximize service efficiency.​ Intellias engineers are implementing a new back-end architecture to facilitate ongoing changes to the infrastructure spurred by emerging microservices.

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Retail scheduling software design to personalize travel planning

Intellias helped a unique all-in-one retail scheduling and travel booking platform reach a global market. Intellias engineers have been working on a backend solution to increase the number of convenient transportation connections. To provide the necessary scalability, we created and now maintain a cloud-based infrastructure that powers the platform’s support for newly added countries, routes, and transport modes.

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Digital retail platform design and development

Our client, a Fortune 500 multinational retailer with a presence in over 180 countries, was seeking to orchestrate their next-generation consumer engagement ecosystem for selling revolutionary new products. To achieve a clear overview of all interactions between separate systems, Intellias experts designed and developed a comprehensive system that monitors performance, applications, and infrastructure.

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Designing a world-class banking solution for painless onboarding

One of the world’s leading banks aimed to provide user-friendly banking experiences across the globe. Intellias delivered an exceptional online banking design to guide banks’ new customers through the enrollment process using a next-gen biometric tablet. We designed a handy account opening application including the UI/UX, visual components, animations, and interactive prototypes within an extremely tight timeframe.

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High-end concept design for connected car-sharing solution

We have designed an innovative human machine interface (HMI) application to bring the connected car-sharing customer experience to a new level. Intellias design team set the goal to redefine the customer experience with car-sharing services that are now hitting the mainstream around the world. We aimed to envision that Intellicar, a next-gen human machine interface application, would pick up on the challenges of existing solutions and offer a valuable alternative in terms of functionality and the overall user experience.

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AI & NLP-driven mobile app development

Alphary, an educational technology startup from Austria that delivers solutions for B2B clients specializing in next-generation vocabulary learning products, was interested in AI software development to redefine the speed at which language learners acquire English vocabulary. Intellias developed innovative iOS and Android applications with further iterations and new rebranded versions. The updated engine and UI have been purchased by many famous German and English educational publishers.

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Effectively enhance your retail strategy with UI/UX services

Going beyond eСommerce website design services

Memorable user experiences are the strongest and go beyond eCommerce web solutions. They focus on an emotional connection with the customer that eventually becomes brand recognition. The user experience is a complex paradigm. Businesses built around eCommerce web solutions should ensure users admire every detail of their offering. From the UI of the website to the way a product is packaged and delivered, a memorable brand should be distinguishable and recognized at every step.

For an eCommerce website design company, going beyond eCommerce web design services is equally important. We help our clients create meaningful eCommerce web solutions. When there’s a reason behind the design, customers will not only visit a retailer’s website but return on a regular basis. We cover all stages of a custom design of eCommerce websites. From analyzing online users and their purchasing behavior to developing a creative and precise UI, clients rely on us for our eCommerce web design services.

The peak of Mobile-first eCommerce web solutions

eCommerce web design services are nothing without a viable mobile strategy. Shopping on the go is no longer a trend but a daily routine. The ability of businesses to capitalize on mobile shopping experiences is directly linked to the success of their eCommerce web solutions. Think of social networks and their current impact on the retail business. The number of social media users who access social networks via mobile devices have considerable influence on the retail sector.

A well-designed eCommerce web solution, with a profound mobile strategy and stunning user experience, can transform a random site visitor into a loyal customer. The main goal behind our UI/UX eCommerce website design services is the same. Intellias UI/UX design team can provide an outstanding user experience on both eCommerce web solutions and mobile apps. Our eCommerce web solutions and mobile apps are supported by exceptional data analytics to assist clients in better tailoring their market products.

Personalized experiences through retail digital transformation

Ensuring a fascinating user experience through personalized shopping will help your eCommerce web solutions stand out from the crowd. Make your clients feel special and show how much you care by considering their preferences and adding value to their regular shopping routines. However, to cope with the technological side of a personalized user experience and eCommerce web solutions, it’s important for brands to choose a reliable service provider like Intellias.

Progressive businesses use artificial intelligence and data-based services to fuel their market offers. At Intellias, we agree that deep technological knowledge in machine learning and AI are difference-makers among average eCommerce website design services. With this vision, we apply all our data analytics and AI expertise in delivering eCommerce web solutions to help our clients ensure personalized shopping experiences and customer convenience at scale, helping to improve customer trust and loyalty.

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