License Management Service

Ensure your software license compliance and optimize the use of subscriptions within your organization.

Gain control over your subscriptions with automated monitoring and centralized management of business licenses in your company. Intellias software license management services offer exceptional visibility and transparency, allowing you to track and monitor licenses, optimize their use, benefit from license-related reports and analytics, allocate licenses, automate license renewal, and perform software compliance audit across all departments.

Tailor your subscriptions to your needs and preferences using our license management service.

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Challenges we solve

Imagine if you could

  • Track and monitor all of your company’s
    license processes

    Get instant alerts for license and subscription changes and the overall status of your software assets

  • Analyze license usage, demand, and costs

    Leverage analytics to optimize license updates, improving traceability and visibility for greater efficiency

  • Monitor all license statuses on a dashboard

    Centralize corporate license matters on a unified dashboard that integrates communication channels

  • Ensure productivity with timely license provision

    Never miss license renewal deadlines to avoid productivity downtime and ensure continuous regulatory compliance

  • Optimize software subscription costs

    Make informed license purchase decisions based on actual usage and demand data

Take control of your license provisioning with confidence,
freeing up your attention for your core business activities. 

Step-by-step implementation of software license services 

At Intellias, we provide software license compliance management services and develop custom license management solutions to address the challenges of complex processes and inefficiencies in software subscription management, ensuring unparalleled flexibility for your business.

Plan comprehensive license monitoring

We conduct stakeholder interviews to discern your digital asset management needs and requirements, outlining a strategy for implementing the most effective solution.

Use cloud-based digital solutions

We design cost-efficient license management platforms, leveraging the services of leading cloud providers.

Build a unified license monitoring dashboard

Our engineers develop a user-friendly and intuitive Grafana-based display, aggregating license data from multiple sources.

Create custom modules for corporate apps

Intellias license management solutions are tailored to integrate with your corporate software ecosystem via custom modules.

Automate license data retrieval, storage, and validation

We use advanced cloud solutions, such as AWS Lambda and DynamoDB, to accelerate license management tasks.

Define custom schedules for data retrieval across time zones

Our experts schedule dashboard updates in a way that’s convenient for you considering your company’s geographic reach.

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Take a new approach to your software subscriptions with licensing management services by Intellias.

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