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React development services we offer

React development from scratch

Move from idea to product with a proven technology

Fast React-based MVP development

Validate ideas early with rapid prototyping services

Migration to React

Leave behind legacy technologies and benefit from React

Frontend development services

Build solutions of different complexities for various platforms

Enterprise-level web projects

Develop custom solutions or integrate new features into existing products

Progressive web applications

Tap into niche expertise in progressive web app technologies

Additional benefits you get when working with Intellias:

A Dedicated Development Team of React engineers who are ready to start right away

Centers of Excellence to encourage React developers to solve non-trivial tasks

A UX/UI design team aligned with frontend developers for the best outcome

A React community based around meetups, workshops, and conferences lead by Intellias

Kick off your React project in two weeks

Technology expertise


Client experience View all case studies

Frontend migration from AngularJS to React

We migrated our client’s vacation rentals management platform to improve the responsiveness of unified dashboards used by property managers who are working with dozens of the world’s top services including Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor.

Learn more Frontend migration from AngularJS to React

JavaScript prototyping for an eCommerce device

Our R&D engineers developed a prototype for device connectivity to collect usage statistics, upload new firmware, and initiate updates on our client’s device. The data collected goes to their Customer Engagement Platform for consumer behavior analytics.

Learn more JavaScript prototyping for an eCommerce device

ReactJS solution for corporate gift-giving

Intellias built an engineering team for Snappy Gifts, an innovative provider of employee recognition programs used by 200+ corporations worldwide. We developed an automated gift-giving platform that rewards workers on their birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

Learn more ReactJS solution for corporate gift-giving

Learn more about Intellias

Discover how we approach your projects and what drives us when we’re at the desk working on the next line of code. We help our clients set industry standards and stand out among competitors while sharing each milestone and transforming their boldest ideas into comprehensive solutions. Get to know Intellias.
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Why use React?

React and React Native are top choices for web and mobile apps for a number of reasons:

React JS development services

Our extensive expertise in the web development domain and ReactJS development services in particular, make Intellias a vendor of choice for end-to-end projects involving the use of cutting-edge frontend technologies, with ReactJS being one of the most important.
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React JS consulting

Intellias carefully examines the client’s technical and non-technical requirements and proposes the optimal approach to meeting them using the capabilities of the ReactJS framework.

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React JS migration

We help clients switch from alternative or outdated frontend technologies to the newest version of React by reproducing and improving existing features using React’s impressive toolkit.

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Web application development

We design and develop conventional web applications with rich UIs, progressive web apps (PWAs) and single-page apps (SPAs) using ReactJS as the core technology.

React Native development services

React Native offers a unique combination of tools and features that make it possible to build native mobile apps using the familiar JavaScript and TypeScript syntax. Intellias is home to a vast and growing team of talented JS developers who can now create outstanding mobile apps faster and for a fraction of the “native” price.

Here are some of the key benefits of our React Native app development services:
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Native UI

Unlike other cross-platform technologies and frameworks relying on WebView to render UI components, React Native translates JS code into native functions and helps create apps that are completely indistinguishable from those written in platform-specific languages.


Faster time to market

Thanks to React Native, full-fledged mobile apps and app updates can be delivered to end-users much faster. Should priorities change, the team working on new features for a web application can quickly switch to working on mobile apps using the same tools and guidelines.

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Ease of updates

The arrival of new features keeps customers happy. With React Native, the use of the shared code base for all mobile versions makes it much easier for the developer to roll out updates and even push them directly to users’ devices to keep the software always up-to-date.

Hire a React development team

As a ReactJS development company, we provide the expertise and resources required for projects of any complexity. To that end, Intellias has been building and operating balanced teams of JavaScript programmers for developing ReactJS and React Native solutions for years.

Our React Native app development teams typically consist of:

  • an experienced project manager or Scrum Master,
  • a QA specialist capable of setting up and maintaining a test framework for web and mobile apps,
  • a varying number of React developers managed by a team lead or senior engineer,
  • a UI/UX designer (optional)

Our engineering teams can work in the staff augmentation mode and report directly to a product owner or technical lead on the client’s side. Or we can work in a semi-autonomous, hybrid manner and be supervised locally by an Intellias manager acting as a liaison and orchestrator of development activities.

All you wanted to ask about React - FAQ

What’s the basic difference between ReactJS and React Native?
ReactJS (or React.js) is an open-source framework for developing web applications and dynamic interfaces using JavaScript. React Native is a powerful platform for building native mobile apps using JavaScript or TypeScript.
How mainstream is this technology today?
The first release of React took place in 2011 and the framework has been gaining popularity ever since. As of 2021, React and React Native are used by Bloomberg, Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Discord, Instagram, Salesforce, Baidu, Walmart and many other leading companies and products. So if you are worried that React may all of a sudden leave the global scene, don’t worry — the industry thinks it’s definitely a keeper!
Will I need a special type of hosting or any other investments to take advantage of React?
No. React apps can be hosted pretty much anywhere and don’t require anything special in terms of the server environment.
Can React be integrated with my existing web service?
Yes! React can replace any existing frontend technology and will not require substantial modifications of the backend part. All you need to do is find a reliable ReactJS web development company with the right skills and expertise.
Where does React stand in terms of development costs?
The cost of ReactJS web development services and React Native development services will depend primarily on the choice of the ReactJS development company you will entrust your project to. However, hourly rates for React developers are typically in line with those for other frontend and mobile development technologies.
Can my data get compromised if I switch to a new frontend written in React?
React is a frontend library operating at the UI level and it typically has no direct access to data. However, any framework may have vulnerabilities, so the most reliable way of ensuring end-to-end security is to hire a professional React or React Native development company that will observe all relevant security guidelines and best practices.

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