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Ukraine as #1 nearshore outsourcing destination

Nearshore development services have become a widely accepted alternative to in-house software development. Ukraine offers the biggest and fastest-growing pool of IT experts in Europe, counting 185,000 talents on the market. With over 110 international R&D centers countrywide, there’s a good reason why many major global companies — including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Magento, and Skype — have chosen Ukraine as their trusted nearshore outsourcing destination. Apart from big names outsourcing to Ukraine, we have a world-known startup culture that has given rise to unicorns like Grammarly and amusing apps like Reface that fascinate millions of users and solve practical challenges across the globe. We know how to invent the future and strive to contribute to a brighter world through digital technology.

Ukraine is known for


Geographical and cultural proximity

Ukraine is located in the heart of Eastern Europe, making it easy to reach from most European cities via air connections. As a European nation, we share the same mentality, values, and business culture as our clients, providing an excellent foundation for a long-lasting and productive nearshore partnership.


Convenient time zone and no jet lag

A time difference of zero to two hours between Ukraine and EU countries allows for setting up convenient nearshore cooperation, avoiding exhausting jet lag. Intellias software engineers can engage with our clients during their business hours, maximizing efficiency while enhancing productivity.


Intellectual property protection & business continuity

Intellias follows international security and privacy requirements such as those imposed by ISO, GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA. We also ensure professional security training for employees and have an effective continuity strategy in place for undisrupted performance of development teams.


Wide talent pool with niche expertise

There are over 150 institutions in Ukraine providing education for IT specialists, from which approximately 30,000 people graduate annually with engineering diplomas to saturate the IT talent market. As a result, Ukraine is ranked the #13 country in science and technology.

Accelerate development with a trusted nearshore technology partner

What sets us apart as a nearshore software development company?

Forbes #1 IT services company in Ukraine and best Ukrainian IT employer by DOU

Nearshore software development has been our core business focus since 2002

Delivery locations in Ukraine and Poland and compliance with EU regulations

On-site presence option for our clients

Customer satisfaction score (CSAT) of 99.5% for the last 6 months

450+ delivered projects

74% middle to senior developers out of 2000

2-4 weeks to start a nearshore engineering team

Get to know Intellias

Find out what we stand for and what drives us in our day-by-day path to technological excellence. Look at our people who apply their expert knowledge and personal dedication to help businesses stand out and set the industry standard. Learn how we can translate your boldest ideas into the comprehensive solution of real-life challenges.

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Find out what we stand for and what drives us in our day-by-day path to technological excellence. Look at our people who apply their expert knowledge and personal dedication to help businesses stand out and set the industry standard. Learn how we can translate your boldest ideas into the comprehensive solution of real-life challenges.

Our nearshore development services

Additional benefits of partnering with us as a nearshore company

End-to-end approach

With a wide range of services and skills, we can provide end to end solutions for different IT needs, becoming a strategic nearshore software engineering partner who shares responsibility for results and is ready to step up with fresh ideas for overall project improvements.

Flexible team scaling

Intellias offers flexible options for scaling a nearshore development team, covering technological needs ranging from expert staffing to establishing a support and maintenance team for post-production and ongoing work with an already marketable product.

Hard to find expertise

With Intellias, you gain direct access to Europe’s largest engineering talent pool in Ukraine and Poland, which offers over 500,000 developers with specific skills you need, including architects to build products from scratch and DataOps engineers to combine Big Data and DevOps practices.

On-demand consulting services

Our consulting services aim to keep your business on top of the ever-changing global market and aligned with the latest technology trends. Our experts will support you at every step of the solution and software development lifecycle, from the discovery phase to design and implementation.

Awards & recognitions

Intellias nearshore development locations

With our local presence in Ukraine’s top IT hubs — Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Ivano-Frankivsk — you get access to 185,000 highly professional engineers on the market, not to mention our 2000+ in-house engineers. We also have established an office in Krakow, Poland’s most prominent talent hub, and operate a representative office in Germany. Building your nearshore team within these locations will cover your most burning software development needs, making it easier for your in-house team to focus on business growth and market demand. As the #1 IT employer in Ukraine according to Forbes, Intellias is a nearshore company with all the technology power you need.

What our clients say

Derek Adams,

Derek Adams, CTO at BrainStorm

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Ebbe Groes,

Ebbe Groes, CEO at EveryMatrix

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Daniel Alarcon-Rubio,

Daniel Alarcon-Rubio, CTO

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Success storiesView all case studies

Nearshore development center for a UK payment gateway

For EveryMatrix, a UK innovator in the B2B iGaming and FinTech space, Intellias set up a nearshore development team to deliver five award-winning SaaS solutions and help the company pass a PCI DSS audit. After taking on full responsibility for engineering projects, Intellias now operates as EveryMatrix’s nearshore software development center.

Learn more Nearshore development center for a UK payment gateway

Lean design and mobile development teams for an Austrian startup

For Alphary, an educational startup from Vienna, we set up mobile development and lean design teams who worked closely to deliver a language learning app recognized by the prestigious publishers at Oxford, Cambridge, and Macmillan. Apart from the Alphary app, we have iteratively delivered several rebranded versions of this product for end customers.

Learn more Lean design and mobile development teams for an Austrian startup

Vertical farm software for a German lighting solutions provider

For a Munich manufacturer of lighting products, we developed a microservices architecture for a web application and designed a user interface for a vertical farming solution that uses artificial light to automatically illuminate plants. The solution also helps monitor plant growth and health by applying computer vision for image recognition.

Learn more Vertical farm software for a German lighting solutions provider

Real-time traffic services for a location data provider in the Netherlands

We built a nearshore development team for a mapping and location data company to saturate in-vehicle navigation systems with real-time traffic data. We merged two different traffic data APIs to optimize the data aggregation process and render traffic map layers with information on road incidents and congestion to streamline traffic flows.

Learn more Real-time traffic services for a location data provider in the Netherlands

Cover your technological needs with a nearshore development team

How nearshore software outsourcing can help your business


Fill temporary and specific positions

When you’re running a lot of projects in an enterprise-level company, you may require a very specific candidate to fill a project-based role. Nearshore software engineering firms can provide you the exact expert in engineering, technology innovation, or industry consultancy that you need at a specific moment. Entrusting hiring for a specific position to a nearshore programming company which covers every aspect of onboarding new employees, motivating them, and taking care of their next projects when they’re done with yours will guarantee you staffing flexibility. Nearshore software outsourcing is mutually beneficial, as you get flexible engineering capacity. A nearshore development company can constantly provide its employees with new projects they’re interested in, rotating specialists and finding new opportunities to develop their skills.


Cover the technology gap

Nearshore software development companies are always keeping the pace with fascinating technologies that are gaining momentum in the most technologically successful industries like automotive, finance, telecommunications, logistics, retail, education, and agriculture. Intellias has established a vertical-specific approach to fostering industry expertise within the company. For this, we built our Centers of Excellence that focus on specific technologies, programming languages, or industries to reinforce our clients’ teams throughout their projects. As a leading nearshore software development firm, Intellias attracts technology professionals in various domains to work on breakthrough projects for our clients, giving new employees the opportunity to develop themselves into experts and innovators on par with world-known brands. Such an approach motivates our engineers to go the extra mile on their projects, as they’re aware of the importance of the solutions they’re working on.


Reduce product launch time

Companies that are partnering with a nearshore software development firm can drastically improve their time to market, beginning with faster staffing and moving up to high-quality software development that minimizes time spent on bug fixes and ongoing changes. Nearshore software outsourcing will help you reduce your product’s launch time by accelerating all operations related to development, design, and quality assurance. In addition, Intellias can provide you with proven digital consultancy services at the earliest stages of your product development to assist in technology decisions, idea validation, and business analysis. Nearshore software engineering firms are a natural fit for establishing remote development centers that can operate with the same level of product centricity you have within your company and share the same business values to improve the overall team performance.

How to choose a nearshore software development company?

Look for highly skilled nearshore developers

While focusing on cost advantages of nearshore software development, don’t forget about the quality of the final product. Building a nearshore team of highly skilled experts with the specific expertise you need can result in greater productivity, which delivers a direct cost advantage thanks to minimization of bug fixes, a simplified architecture, cleaner code, and optimized processes across the project.

As the best IT employer in Ukraine and a company with a strong reputation in our local hiring markets, Intellias can find and hire niche experts with your required industry background, specific programming experience, and excellent soft skills. When nearshoring with Intellias, you can run the development process the same way you do with your in-house team: fast, hassle-free, and with high productivity to save development costs and time.

Pay attention to cultural fit with a nearshore team

We share the same work ethic, culture, and values as our clients, which makes it easier to build strong partnerships. A cultural match with EU businesses makes Ukraine an optimal choice to start building a nearshore development team. Ukrainian engineers are open to sharing new ideas for complex challenges and admit their mistakes if the project goes wrong.

Our internal operations are optimized to serve midsize and enterprise technology companies as a nearshore engineering services provider. Most of our European clients are located in time zones within two hours of our development centers in Ukraine, so it’s easy to align communication between a client’s in-house team, management, and a newly built nearshore software engineering extension.

Capitalize on security practices and IP protection

Protecting intellectual property (IP) is crucial to software development. When choosing a nearshore software company, you should not overlook its commitment to international security requirements regarding data protection. Intellias has 19 years of experience in nearshore operations. Our clients trust us to continuously deliver high-quality software whose intellectual property is strictly protected and that cannot be breached by fraudulent activities.

We ensure your intellectual property and personal data are protected according to international requirements. We follow internal IP protection policies and strict NDAs to avoid potential data leaks or disclosure of information. Moreover, your nearshore team can work on virtual machines attached to your office IP address to guarantee secure transmission of code and all-around alignment with your country’s regulations.

Frequently asked questions about nearshore software development companies

How much do nearshore software outsourcing services cost?
Intellias offers flexible pricing models for clients looking to partner with nearshore software engineering firms. Based on our experience, a client should consider the following factors that directly influence costs: the pricing model, outsourcing location, workload stability, and project complexity.
Can you describe the collaboration models provided by your nearshore development company?
Compared to other nearshore software development companies with more than 2000 employees on board, Intellias is highly adaptable in meeting clients’ demands and applies different engagement models to meet different needs, using both Agile models and the traditional V-model and RUP model. We also have experience scaling Agile/Scrum processes for midsize to large teams with up to 300 engineers. In the scope of our nearshore software outsourcing services, we cover risk management throughout all IT processes and regularly track project KPIs to ensure an efficient software development lifecycle.
How do you ensure efficient communication between a client and a nearshore software development firm?
Quick and efficient communication with a nearshore programming company is what makes development teams work productively. As a fast-growing nearshore software development company, Intellias provides its employees with all the necessary tools, equipment, and support to ensure flawless digital collaboration within teams. We apply Agile and lean methodologies, establish short daily team syncs, automate corporate routines, and optimize schedules with precise agenda planning.
What type of technology innovation services for nearshore software outsourcing does Intellias provide?
At Intellias, we have IT advisory, Centers of Excellence, and Technology Office units that can guide clients through the uncertainty that comes with technological innovation. Our contribution starts with assessing current development processes and defining business objectives that clients want to achieve with specific technology implemented in cooperation with a nearshore software engineering firm. After that, we come up with a solution and implementation strategy to overcome barriers to meaningful and effective change. Whether a client is a pioneering startup or a multi-level enterprise, we guide the way for them to be the top-performing business they were always meant to be with the help provided by nearshore software development companies.

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