Mendix Development Services

Intellias is your trusted partner for Mendix platform services, helping you unlock the full potential of low-code development. Discover unprecedented ease and speed of application deployment, next-level scalability, and friction-free integration of Mendix development under our engineers’ expert guidance.

We assist you in harnessing the powers of low-code development to build value-based software products while achieving maximum efficiency of your time and resources. From consulting and design to custom development and deployment, we support you at all stages of your production lifecycle.

Intellias Mendix platform services


We provide strategic guidance, helping you identify the right use cases for Mendix and maximizing the platform’s potential within your organization. Whether you’re focused on seeing your idea take shape with the shortest time to market or are looking for ways to modernize your existing software, we will work with you to leverage the pioneering features of the Mendix platform to your maximum advantage.

Custom development

Our team of certified Mendix developers brings your ideas to life, delivering tailored applications that align with your business objectives. With our expertise and knowledge, we make the most of Mendix’s innovative functionality to build modern web and mobile applications.

Integration and migration

Our company ensures seamless integration of Mendix applications with your existing systems as well as smooth migration from legacy platforms. Choosing Mendix as your primary development environment can take the quality and performance of your software products to the next level by reducing the time and cost required to create user-centric experiences.

Continuous support and maintenance

We provide ongoing support, monitoring, and enhancements to keep your Mendix applications running smoothly and securely. Our support teams make sure that your software maintains the same high level of performance and scalability and grows together with your business.

Gain a competitive edge with Mendix low-code capabilities together with our experts

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Utilize the benefits of Mendix low-code platform with Intellias

Intellias is your solution partner

Intellias is your comprehensive solution partner for Mendix, providing technology services and expertise to deliver customized solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our team of Mendix-certified experts will guide your business through the complexities of digital transformation and be there to support all your IT needs. We leverage the customizable nature of Mendix to create a holistic infrastructure that aligns with your strategic and operational objectives, empowering your organization to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Mendix licensing

As a trusted partner, Intellias assists businesses in procuring Mendix licenses by leveraging our relationships and expertise, ensuring a smooth licensing process tailored to each company’s specific needs.

Mendix consulting

Our analysts evaluate your requirements and business goals and suggest the Mendix app development methodology that suits you best.

Mendix platform implementation

Our experts handle the setup, configuration, and integration of the Mendix platform into your IT infrastructure, ensuring a seamless implementation.

Application development service and support

Intellias offers end-to-end Mendix application development services, from initial design to ongoing maintenance and support.

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