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Intellias, a software development company in Lviv

Lviv’s atmosphere – its democracy and openness – have shaped Intellias values and brought us closer to the culture of our clients. Intellias has been headquartered in Lviv from day one. Having started as a small software development company in Lviv, Intellias is one of the largest technology solutions providers in Ukraine. We play an active role in the life of the local IT community through membership in Lviv IT Cluster, partnerships with local universities, and sponsorship of tech events. Since 2010, Intellias has been the city’s Top IT Employer according to, the biggest IT community in Ukraine, allowing us to attract best-in-class talent.


Panasa Myrnoho Street 24, 79034 Lviv, Ukraine

+38 (032) 290-36-90

  • Convenient connections

    • Direct flights to most of the EU cities
    • 60 km drive from the EU border
    • Within a one-hour flight of major European airports
    • Airport is a ten-minute drive from the Intellias office
  • Intelligent people

    • 800,000 people in Lviv and 1.4 million in the region
    • 43 institutes of higher education
    • 130,000 students with degrees in tech
    • Most innovative city in Ukraine
  • Engineering culture

    • 15,000+ professionals employed in Lviv software development sector
    • 4,000 engineering graduates annually
    • Biggest IT association in Ukraine – Lviv IT cluster
    • Biggest IT event in Eastern Europe – Lviv IT Arena

Why Lviv software development?

Lviv is not only a city with incredible architecture and historical heritage, a huge flow of tourists, a large number of cultural events but also one of the three largest IT hubs in Ukraine, along with Kyiv and Kharkiv. Today, Lviv is home to almost 500 tech companies headquartered in the city and nearly 22,000 software engineers. The growing number of Lviv software development companies and positive IT market growth dynamics is constantly doubling the influx of investments. Convenient geographical location, talented specialists, and positive economic reputation influence the continuous progress of software product development in Lviv.

The Lviv software development industry is officially declared as one of the key sectors of the city’s economy. The IT industry regularly generates from $650 to $750 million yearly as well as creates hundreds of workplaces in the city. During the past five years, the IT sector has tripled in growth and uncovered countless opportunities for entrepreneurs to create an innovative startup or an outsourcing company in Lviv. With so many tech experts and software engineering services providers, Lviv has established a strong engineering culture and become home to the most vibrant communities in Ukraine — the IT Cluster and the IT Ukraine Association. As a major software development company in Lviv, Intellias takes an active part in most of the city’s tech clubs and communities. In 2020, Intellias CEO and co-founder Vitaly Sedler was elected as president of the IT Ukraine Association to bring the tech industry to the next stage of growth.

Lviv is a small city compared to other outsourcing locations in Eastern Europe that offer you more developers but also entail much more staff turnover. I’ve seen this in Bucharest, where we have our own company. The turnover is too high, even though we’re active in our retention efforts. Intellias, an IT company in Lviv, has a solid team and keeps people motivated. They did a good job without losing people from the team.
Ebbe Groes, CEO at EveryMatrix

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