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LBS segments we work with



Map the surrounding world and indoor venues in real time with accurate, complete, and up-to-date information

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Capture, structure, and analyze massive spatial datasets to get actionable insights for your business and customers

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Our Location Based Services expertise

We provide our clients with full cycle development services for business solutions that rely extensively on location data. We start with a discovery phase, provide expert consultancy, figure out the most relevant data to collect, improve internal processes, and develop a visually appealing application within a scalable cloud infrastructure. When you choose Intellias, you tap into the joint expertise of developers working with various data formats, designers creating user interfaces for narrow industries, and infrastructure engineers managing CI/CD pipelines for large data platforms and location based solutions.


Embrace an open world of location intelligence for customers, businesses, and developers

Collect data in different formats from multiple sources including LiDARs and aerial photography


Data processing

Ingest data, perform pre- and post-processing, validate data, migrate databases, and build terrain models


Location algorithms

Merge road segments, create clipping algorithms, simplify polygons, and place labels on a base map


Map compilation

Compile maps in NDS or a proprietary format, optimize processes, and create tiles and custom databases


Platform SDK and API

Develop platform, mobile, and embedded SDKs and APIs for a variety of third party services


Apps and service

Develop cross-platform apps, PoC and MVP, UX/UI designs, map visualizations, plugins, and custom modules

Additional benefits of location solutions development with Intellias

Structure, sort out and analyze massive data sets to simplify and streamline the application of locations for businesses

Navigate routes for trucks, electric vehicles, and people within venues with the highest accuracy wherever your business operates

Empower location solutions with AI and machine learning for automated data processing and data-driven predictions

Multiple service models to better engage clients in the development process and align it with their business needs

Embrace location technology for business applications

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Location platform with data visualization

A global provider of location solutions and services for OEMs, enterprises, and smart cities has been creating an innovative cloud-based location intelligence platform. Intellias has been contributing to the development of a data visualization service for the platform by compiling 3D maps with the help of vector graphics and transforming raw data generated by vehicle sensors into valuable visual insights.

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Fleet telematics and vehicle management

A leading fleet technology innovator decided to build a telematics fleet management platform for vehicles in the field. We started with an MVP and then covered the entire product development life cycle, from UX/UI design to quality management and continuous delivery. We developed a powerful solution for large fleets capable of handling over 100,000 vehicles and years of historical fleet data in seconds. The platform synchronizes data to provide managers with rich real-time telematics diagrams and advanced reporting.

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IoT connectivity to resolve traffic jams

Our client, a global provider of location data platform and location services, was creating an urban mobility solution for public transit, venue positioning, live traffic, and other services to simplify the lives of daily commuters and tourists. Intellias developed an IoT-based smart data traffic solution to link vehicles, road infrastructure, and pedestrians through our client’s cloud-based location platform and V2V, V2X, and V2I channels.

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Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform

Our client has been developing a smart urban mobility platform to deliver rich navigation data to a variety of transportation services, including for public transport, bikesharing, carsharing, taxis, and car rentals. Intellias created pipeline plugins to fetch real-time location and arrival data for many modes of public transportation, integrated real-time position data from transportation and travel agencies, and is now adding carsharing functionality.

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Smart parking system for urban areas

Our client needed a mobile navigation app to find free parking slots in urban areas. For this, they required a compact map format with support for online and offline modes. Based on the client’s proprietary map format, we formalized all data sets and layers to allow matching specific data layers and points of interest (PoIs) with the base map layer. Users can now select PoI, and the app will navigate them to the open parking slot nearest to their destination.

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Web maps for client-side visualization

Our client needed vector tile maps that were sufficiently lightweight, flexible, and updatable. These maps would serve as the base layer over which developers could compile and render third-party content. Intellias engineers have been working on a new pipeline for compiling vector tiles from the client’s map data and components for visualizing maps on the browser side. External platform consumers can now build their own local vector tile map visualizers and add various types of content atop the base map.

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Industries we serve

Creating custom location software for different business needs

Comply with widespread industry standards

Providers of solutions that extensively rely on location data use maps in various formats. We work with HERE maps, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Bing Maps. Our engineers make sure your location data complies with proprietary formats you use in internal software tools as well as with the most popular NDS and Open Street Maps formats.

Our expertise in location based services covers geolocation, navigation, and positioning within many industries including transportation, logistics, agriculture, retail, and mobility. We ensure your innovative location solutions receive only current data in any chosen format aligned with your software requirements for smooth map rendering and fast compilation.

Provide platforms for customer convenience

Platforms are a new way to deliver solutions and tools that are easily accessible within one ecosystem. We apply our expertise in DevOps and cloud technologies to build complex multi-purpose location platforms for developers and businesses. We’ve honed our skills working with the largest consumer of AWS and managing CI/CD for their multiple projects.

We help clients migrate their on-premise location solutions to cloud platforms. This simplifies usage for end customers, as they don’t need to worry about requirements, servers, and malfunctions. Support and maintenance are covered by the platform provider. We assist in establishing all processes within an organization as well as with knowledge sharing.

Raise location awareness among businesses

More and more companies are integrating location services into their business applications, covering nearly every aspect of users’ mobility. Mobile location based services provide users with amazing experiences in navigation, enterprise security, social networking, infotainment, search and advertising, asset tracking, games, and augmented reality.

Custom location software allows businesses to improve their content and the user experience with indoor positioning, navigation to PoI, and targeted advertisements. Intellias experts help companies adopt mobile location based services and implement solutions for multiple platforms while complying with GDPR requirements for location data privacy.

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