IT Support and Operations in the Cloud

Ensure stable and consistent functioning of your cloud applications and infrastructure with Intellias cloud operations services. Leverage strategic agility, measurable metrics, and operational excellence for swift issue resolution and continuous cloud support, including engineering on demand, operations management, 24/7 help desk support, hosting, and implementation. Intellias provides dynamic cloud application support and solutions for complex workloads to meet any of your organization’s business requirements, supporting your applications across infrastructures.

Our dedication to continuous improvement shortens response times, enhances customer satisfaction, and optimizes cost efficiency while allowing your core team to concentrate on strategic initiatives, boosting overall productivity.

Stay ahead of the curve with Intellias cloud support services

Challenges we solve 

Imagine if you could

  • Provide 24/7 customer service

    Ensure round-the-clock cloud operations management and support for your customers, strengthening satisfaction and loyalty

  • Minimize service downtime and disruptions

    Reduce service disruptions and downtime,
    maintaining productivity and customer trust

  • Evolve your product while maintaining
    performance and security

    Ensure your apps continually adapt to provide maximum
    value in a dynamic environment

  • Ensure ongoing cloud infrastructure
    maintenance and administration

    Monitor and update your cloud resources as needed,
    ensuring they operate at peak efficiency

  • Increase your teams’ cloud skills

    Establish knowledge-sharing practices to expand your organization’s expertise in cloud computing, fostering innovation and growth

All-inclusive managed support by Intellias 

Intellias cloud operations management handles all aspects of your custom cloud-native systems, from issue resolution to new feature implementation and disaster recovery. We also oversee data platforms, integrations, web applications, and IoT systems, driving continuous value delivery.

Maintenance and patch management 

Intellias monitors your infrastructure and applications, promptly detecting vulnerabilities and applying necessary patches. Our consultants stay up to date on tech trends to implement top-notch solutions in your cloud environment.

Platform administration and configuration 

Our cloud service support team provides ongoing administration of your cloud platform, ensuring top performance and availability. We also use our cloud expertise to create and maintain optimal configurations tailored to your goals.

System monitoring 

Using the most advanced monitoring tools, Intellias engineers supervise the performance of cloud resources to identify deviations early enough to ensure proper response. To ensure 100% visibility, we implement the most suitable tools for your system and perform regular updates.

Change management and release coordination 

Our cloud IT support reps collaborate with your developers to ensure seamless, secure, and regular product releases and patches for uninterrupted service.

Incident management and escalation control 

Our customer service experts support you in efficiently resolving incidents. We help you create an actionable escalation plan to provide optimal cloud technical support solutions via competent professionals.

Robust security & risk management 

We tailor a risk mitigation plan for your cloud infrastructure, ensuring security, resilience, and disaster recovery. Intellias engineers enhance your cloud environment’s robustness with necessary tools and mechanisms.

Issue management and root cause analysis 

Intellias engineers delve into reported issues, categorizing them and logging their causes. They also conduct thorough root cause analysis to pinpoint issue origins and suggest preventive measures.

Prioritized issue handling 

Our tiered support system ensures dynamic prioritization of incoming issues so you can promptly respond to those that are critical and minimize resolution times.

Multilingual support 

The Intellias team of ITIL-certified engineers offers support in multiple languages, facilitating access to professional cloud services from various regions.

Documentation and knowledge sharing 

We maintain, update and share documentation of all tools, features, procedures, and workflows involved in everyday processes, as well as logs of all reported issues and the applied remedies.

Maximize the value of your cloud investment with Intellias cloud operations services 

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