IoT Digital Twins for the Manufacturing Industry

Azure IoT Digital Twins platform makes real-time monitoring and issue prevention viable by creating digital models of physical objects.

Digital twin solutions unlock multiple opportunities in supply chain optimization, product quality improvement, workplace safety enhancement, and more.

Implementing digital twin technology does require a complex approach, meticulous planning, and necessary expertise.

Digital twin technology can become an instrument to evolutionize your manufacturing process:

identify potential issues and equipment failures before they occur

simulate factory operations with new equipment or parameters using their virtual replica

control production processes and boost efficiency and product quality

Meet our speaker


Serhiy Seletsky

IoT Practice Leader, Head of Architecture at Intellias

As an evangelist of practical innovation, Serhiy helps companies harness the right power of IoT to scale their business and stay relevant in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Key discussion points

Why IoT digital twin technology is a silver bullet for the Manufacturing sector

The good and the best of the digital twins- Azure IoT Digital Twins features

Secrets of Factory Twin Ontology

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