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Intellias Recognized for Engineering R&D Services in Zinnov Zones for Second Consecutive Year

Zinnov positioned Intellias in 14 categories of its recently released annual global rating of the top ER&D service providers

Chicago, IL — November 3, 2023 — Intellias, a global technology enabler for top-tier organizations and Fortune 500 companies, was acknowledged in the annual Zinnov Zones ranking of the top engineering R&D services providers for the second consecutive year.

Zinnov named Intellias in 14 categories, placing the company as a leader in three of them — Overall Ratings (Small & Medium Service Providers), Digital Engineering Services (Small & Medium Service Providers), and Enterprise Software Ratings (Small & Medium Service Providers). Intellias is also indicated as a noteworthy player in the Software Platform Engineering category.

The recognition highlights Intellias’ significant expertise and innovative approach to developing and deploying software solutions within platforms and frameworks. The company’s top position showcases Intellias’ effectiveness in delivering services, capacity for innovation, client satisfaction levels, workforce quality, domain-specific expertise, and global reach.

Intellias was rated in the following categories:

  1. Overall Ratings
  2. Overall Ratings (Small & Medium Service Providers)
  3. Digital Engineering Services Ratings
  4. Digital Engineering Services (Small and Medium Service Providers)
  5. Data & AI Engineering Services Ratings
  6. Data & AI Engineering Services Ratings (Small and Medium Service Providers)
  7. Generative AI Engineering Services Ratings
  8. Experience Engineering Ratings 2023
  9. Experience Engineering Ratings 2023 (Small and Medium Service Providers)
  10. Industry 4.0 Ratings 2023
  11. Hyperscalers Services Ratings
  12. Europe Ratings 2023
  13. Software Platform Engineering Ratings
  14. Enterprise Software Ratings (Small and Medium Service providers)

Being included in the Zinnov Zones ranking underscores our position as a leading player in the global engineering and technology landscape. This recognition validates our commitment to pushing the boundaries for our clients and delivering value-driven projects and results.

Oleksandr Maidaniuk, VP of Technology at Intellias

Zinnov Zones ER&D ranking is a comprehensive assessment conducted by Zinnov, a trusted management and consulting firm specializing in technology. Zinnov’s evaluation framework ranks companies based on their expertise, thus providing businesses with insights into the strengths of different service providers in the global engineering landscape.

Securing its place in Zinnov Zones ER&D ranking for two years in a row is a testament to Intellias’ consistent excellence in the industry. Apart from engineering services, the company was also recognized for its RPA & Intelligent Automation expertise in the Zinnov Zones for Intelligent Automation (IA) Services rating.

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