Intellias Featured in Global AI Report by Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan has ranked Intellias in their Global Retail Artificial Intelligence (AI) Growth Opportunities research report

In June 2022, Intellias, a global technology partner that enables the sustained success of top-tier organizations and Fortune 500 companies, was featured in the Global Retail Artificial Intelligence (AI) Growth Opportunities 2022 report by Frost & Sullivan, a growth strategy consulting and research firm.

In the report, Frost & Sullivan examines the pivotal role of artificial intelligence in the retail sector. With the purpose of helping retailers navigate the evolving AI marketplace, the report uncovers key trends and technological advancements across the retail domain. Frost & Sullivan aims to provide stakeholders considering investing in cognitive capabilities with actionable insights on AI solutions that will drive the future growth potential of the retail industry.

As an expert in both horizontal technologies (AI, ML, big data, IoT) and industry verticals (including retail), Intellias was ranked in Frost & Sullivan’s report. Intellias capabilities across the retail value chain and niche experience implementing disruptive technologies allow the company to help retailers provide consistent customer-centric solutions across all channels.

Frost & Sullivan’s aims in their report include:

  • Revealing growth opportunities across the industry to bring retail businesses to the next level of efficiency
  • Demonstrating the purpose for implementing AI-powered solutions
  • Helping retailers overcome challenges of AI implementation
  • Sharing real-life use cases of AI in retail

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