Intellias Enters a Long-Term Strategic Technology Partnership with WattEV

The collaboration between the two companies will drive innovation across the EV trucking transportation sector 

In October 2022, Intellias, a global technology enabler and partner to top-tier organizations, and WattEV, a leader in the electrification of the freight transportation sector, are excited to announce their strategic partnership. The companies are teaming up to reinforce each other’s capabilities and strengths to innovate the transportation domain and accelerate the transition of the US trucking services to zero-emission.
The mission of WattEV is to electrify heavy duty transport and make zero-emission trucking affordable and reliable. The company plans to build fast charging infrastructure and speed up the switch to EV freight transportation by combining business and technology innovation. As a trusted technology partner, Intellias will leverage its unique experience in building electric vehicle fleet management and navigation solutions to empower WattEV in creating a data-driven infrastructure for truckers and fleet operators.  

The Intellias team is highly knowledgeable in the industry and went above and beyond our expectations. We are looking forward to our long-term partnership with Intellias.

Salim Youssefzadeh, CEO and Co-Founder at WattEV

Under the terms of this strategic cooperation, WattEV’s research and development teams will partner with Intellias to use their domain knowledge and niche expertise in EV truck routing, eMobility, and EV charging infrastructure solutions to tackle the current constraints and limitations to fast electrification of freight transport. Driven by eco-awareness and greener transportation practices, WattEV and Intellias expect to implement critical functionalities in the MVP that would provide drivers with the navigation data, charging stations enroute, and a highly accurate range map.  

The technology partnership strategically aligns both Intellias and WattEV for long-term cooperation. Together, we will accelerate innovation across the EV transportation market and unlock new opportunities to shift trucking services to zero-emission.

Andriy Terlyha, CDO at Intellias

The collaboration between the two companies will open new opportunities for the EV market players. Intellias and WattEV’s forward-thinking ideas will result in faster deployment of eco-mobility and advanced solutions for the overall trucking transportation sector. Targeting long-lasting cooperation, both companies hope for remarkable achievements and commit to bringing unique features and integrations to market.  

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