Intellias and SEP

Inspiring our clients with confidence in the security of their data and providing them with advanced recovery mechanisms that ensure uninterrupted service and availability.

In partnership with SEP, we create solutions that empower businesses to stand up to the challenges of data protection in today’s world. Building data security and recovery products specifically tailored to the unique needs of every client, we enable companies to harness the potential of SEP’s groundbreaking technologies for maximum protection of their digital assets.

Partnership highlights

SEP is among the leading providers of backup and disaster recovery solutions in heterogeneous environments. Since 1996, SEP has delivered thousands of enterprise-level solutions worldwide and has earned the reputation of a vendor of the fastest and most reliable data backup solutions on the market.

Intellias and SEP joined efforts to develop advanced solutions ensuring that no data is lost in any emergency situations. The engineering expertise of Intellias combined with the data protection and recovery knowledge of SEP result in the creation of innovative and highly effective backup and disaster recovery solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses in an increasingly digital world.

Recognizing the utmost importance of data protection in today’s digital world, we regard our cooperation with Intellias as a way to create even more advanced solutions for data backup and recovery. With decades of research and development in backup systems under our belt, we are glad to partner with a proven engineering company to focus our joint expertise on building products that guarantee that our customers’ data is always where they expect it to be and that all processes run as designed.
Raymond Gumberger, SEP

SEP products

SEP sesam

Backup and recovery software for virtual and physical environments. SEP sesam meets all the requirements of data security and protection for businesses of all sizes. With thousands of installations worldwide, SEP sesam is now holding its protective umbrella over businesses and organizations in education, healthcare, banking, retail, financial services, and more. For over 30 years, major governments have been trusting SEP sesam with their highly sensitive data. In many countries, SEP sesam is responsible for data security in life-sustaining services and utilities.

Backup as a Service

Cloud-based data backup by SEP Service Providers. BaaS solutions by SEP not only protect businesses from a loss of critical data but also ensure compliance with data protection regulations imposed by various government agencies. Cloud-hosted backup storages provide immediate and flexible on-demand scalability that cannot be achieved with hardware infrastructure. The security algorithms implemented by SEP guarantee data protection and continuous availability.

Protect your critical data with leading backup and recovery technologies.

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