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Elmos Semiconductor started partnering with Intellias in 2022, and in just one year, Intellias became a core enabler of their subsidiary company, Area 21 Software GmbH, which is responsible for Elmos’ software development capabilities. This strategic partnership aims to build safety-critical automotive software solutions for years to come, delivering state-of-the-art automotive innovations for autonomous driving, ADAS, e-mobility, sustainability, safety, connectivity, and comfort that meet the evolving needs of software-defined vehicles.

About Elmos Semiconductor

For 40 years, Elmos Semiconductor has been designing, producing, and marketing semiconductors for the automotive industry, making the world a greener, safer, and more enjoyable place. On average, eight integrated circuits (ICs) produced by Elmos are installed in every new car.

Elmos delivers products in the Optical, Sensor IC, Motor Control, Lighting, and Safety/Power/Custom IC segments. Produced with genuine care for sustainability and social responsibility, their microelectronics-based solutions enhance people’s lives and have made Elmos the worldwide leader in future-proof applications for ultrasonic ranging, ambient and rear lighting, as well as intuitive HMIs.

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Services delivered by Intellias

Intellias reinforces Elmos with automotive-grade software engineering expertise and supports development processes to create software for lighting, ranging, and optical sensors used in the most modern vehicles. Apart from that, the Intellias team provides implementation services and optimizes processes, methods, and tools for improved operations, increased software product quality, and strictly controlled project implementation.

Full-cycle engineering services icon

Full-cycle engineering services

Dedicated automotive experts cover the entire product development lifecycle for interior and exterior lighting software product portfolio, as well as for ranging and optical sensors.

Research and development icon

Research and development

Mature architects work across diverse business lines to define new products and help with software engineering.

Implementation and optimization icon

Implementation and optimization

Experienced engineers and managers define and implement processes, methods, and tools required for efficient development of embedded software in a multi-product environment.

We are excited to partner with Intellias and combine our ICs with their software expertise to deliver exceptional products to our customers. Our partnership with Intellias represents a significant step forward for Elmos. By combining our strengths, we are now even better positioned to deliver state-of-the-art automotive innovation that meets the evolving needs of the industry. This partnership is a win-win for both companies, and most importantly, for our customers.
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Dr. Marco Krips
VP Software Development and Architecture at Elmos Semiconductor SE and Managing Director of Area 21 Software GmbH 

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Partnership benefits 

Long-term partnership model 

Intellias and Elmos have built a mutually beneficial long-term partnership that embraces a strong cultural fit and a deep understanding of Elmos business, products, and operational alignment. This partnership ensures seamless cooperation and maximizes the value of the companies’ joint efforts in developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions for the mobility landscape.

Dedication and strategic planning  

Intellias organizes dedicated office spaces for teams working on Elmos products to ensure deep integration of Intellias experts with the Elmos business culture. Both companies take part in long-term planning of the future scope and vision of cooperation to maximize efficiency.

Mature full-cycle development 

A dedicated, stable core team of Intellias senior experts with niche expertise in automotive-grade embedded software engineering cover the entire software development lifecycle across multiple product workstreams.

Flexible engineering capacity 

In addition to the core Intellias team, Elmos gets quick access to required expertise, while Intellias can flexibly scale capacity up and down according to project needs with an agile approach.

Close alignment of engineering teams 

A tailored and cohesive approach to software development projects ensures seamless integration with internal Area 21 Software development capabilities.

Compliance with industry standards 

Project development processes are fully compliant with automotive industry standards including the ASPICE methodology and ISO 26262 Functional Safety.

Measurable and trackable success 

A custom KPI tracking solution accessible to managers of different levels on a single dashboard ensures status visibility for each process group. The tool now monitors the progress of four client projects and can scale depending on the number of projects in the pipeline.

Standardization of software components 

The concept for a standard SDK ensures that current software is reusable and compatible with Elmos hardware across multiple generations and with various modifications.

Enhance your mobility solutions with advanced technologies

We are proud to establish this collaborative partnership with Elmos, contributing to their R&D capabilities. Intellias engineers play a crucial role in integrating technology expertise with Elmos business culture. Our collaboration with Elmos is a significant step forward for both companies, as it allows us to meet the evolving needs of the mobility industry.

Volodymyr Melnyk, Senior Delivery Manager
Mobility at Intellias
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