From Startup to Unicorn:
Tech Recipe for Israeli FinTech

There’s a heavy potential coming out from the Israeli business and technology ecosystem. Dozens of local FinTech startups grow exponentially and get millions of venture capital investments annually. So what’s the formula for building the next billion-dollar enterprise?

Your FinTech business can become the next Israeli unicorn if you understand and leverage some of the business-critical nuances. If you look at four world-known local startups that became unicorns and analyze them in terms of various parameters, you will notice that the uniqueness of their business model was about focusing on cutting-edge technologies.

This handbook presents the detailed tech recipe for Israeli FinTech startups to become the next industry unicorns using the advanced technology solutions.


Get your copy of our eBook to find out:

  • How Israeli disruptive technology scene and thriving business ecosystem are turning Israel into the nation of tech unicorns
  • What are the unique technology drivers behind the massive growth of the world-renowned Israeli FinTech startups crossing a $1-billion evaluation
  • Which key ingredients make for a perfect tech recipe to becoming the next FinTech unicorn
  • Why a platform business model is becoming the trend of choice for financial services players and how it helps them lead the way on the market
  • How user centricity ensures a shift from a product you want to a product your customers need, love, and trust

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