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Development of an Online Sports Betting Platform

We helped a B2B iGaming solutions provider launch their next-generation sportsbook platform and sports data feed services

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Project snapshot

For EveryMatrix, a provider of B2B SaaS solutions for the iGaming industry, Intellias created a new microservices-based sports betting platform that boosted the efficiency and performance of the betting service and enabled superb player experiences. The new iGaming portal offers a broader range of betting features due to seamless integration with external services and provides access to thousands of events and markets.

Following a successful release and appreciation by the large EveryMatrix audience, Intellias continues to update and support the platform, ensuring consistent performance and expanding the range of available features and integrations.

EveryMatrix is a leading provider of iGaming technology solutions in the European and Asian markets. The company offers a complete suite of innovative online gaming products catering to a broad audience of iGaming customers: gaming and betting platforms, operator portals, payment solutions, and content aggregation systems. The company is committed to providing the best gaming experiences to customers and maximizes the benefits of state-of-the-art technology in achieving this goal.

Business challenge

After years of operation on the iGaming market, EveryMatrix saw the need to redesign their sports betting platform to ensure the security, scalability, and performance that modern users require. The growing amount of data was becoming too large for the legacy system to process quickly and efficiently; besides, the existing monolithic architecture prevented effective continuous deployment and could not be relied upon to ensure 24/7 availability.

Moreover, focused on expanding their audience and entering new markets, EveryMatrix recognized the need to update its online betting functionality, offering new features and services and implementing new technological solutions, enhancing the customer experience. The legacy platform lacked compatibility with new technologies, limiting the company’s growth opportunities.

As an established partner of EveryMatrix, we analyzed the requirements and proposed design of an entirely new platform, then leveraged the capabilities of modern technologies to increase the attractiveness of the service for both new and existing customers.


Development of an Online Sports Betting Platform

Based on the client’s vision of the revamped service, our team designed a multi-component architecture to support a new scalable and flexible sports betting platform. Using mainstream tools and technologies and our expertise in platform development, cloud services, and data analytics, our engineers delivered a complete betting solution. The new platform processes competitive sports and esports event data in real time, generates multiple predictions and reports, supports comprehensive betting functionality, and enhances the offering with integrated third-party services.

The redesigned platform is extremely data-focused, leveraging innovative technologies to ensure reliable data processing and storage:

  • Unified streaming platform based on Apache Kafka that consolidates large volumes of event and product data and processes it at high speed
  • Google Cloud for data storage
  • PostgreSQL database enabling complex aggregations and integrations
  • Confluent KSQL and Apache NiFi facilitating real-time data processing
  • REST APIs allowing for integration with custom applications

Business outcomes

The release of the sportsbook platform and sports data feed services considerably improved the service’s adoption by both existing and prospective customers, expanding the audience of EveryMatrix and raising the platform’s attractiveness. The redesign of the betting platform brought multiple additional benefits for our client:

  • Access to 110,000+ events per month, 1,250+ sport types, and 2,500+ betting markets
  • Entry into a new niche with a brand-new component offering sports data feeds, pre-live and live odds suggestion feeds, and sure-bet feeds from multiple sports suppliers to end users
  • Extended integration options: REST API for S2S integrations and a web client API for operators who want to create their own front-end applications
  • Refined architectural model that helps to create bonus campaigns of any type, set up tournaments, increase reactivation, boost retention, and reduce bonus costs
  • High fault tolerance and scalability, supported by an experienced managed trading services team, enabling easy addition of extra capacity in case of operator growth
  • Greater product competitiveness compared to the legacy platform, from the sportsbook platform to data feeds, guaranteeing a stable influx of new operators
  • 24/7 technical support and expert assistance for operators that are building and administering sports betting applications


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