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Data Analytics Platform for Sales and Marketing Insights

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Project snapshot

Our client is a global leader in the manufacturing of transportation products and automotive components, with operations in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. They were looking for a customer data processing solution for their vast retailer network. The focus was on building a B2B data processing platform with deep analytical and predictive capabilities. By teaming up with Intellias, our client created an advanced data analytics platform to drive sales in their European branch using a powerful combination of big data technology together with retail and automotive expertise.

Business challenge

The company wanted to upgrade their data processing solution to obtain better visibility of regional sales information, generate valuable insights, and uncover prospects for further market penetration. The multinational business was looking for a tool capable of processing and analyzing massive volumes of both historical and real-time data as well as generating predictions for future periods.

The ambitious goal was to reveal growth opportunities for regional customers based on analysis of incoming data. Special consideration needed to be given to the volume of data to be managed in the client’s multi-branch retailer network, the platform needed to process about 1 TB of data daily, with more than 200 data processing pipelines running every 24 hours.

Data Analytics Platform for Sales and Marketing Insights

Solution delivered

Intellias delivered a scalable full-fledged big data analytics platform that unveils business opportunities for localized customer activation.

Based on thorough analysis of the client’s existing data processing capacities, Intellias engineers opted to build new data infrastructure from scratch. The solution designed by our team was built with performance, availability, security, and scalability requirements in mind. The platform handles all stages of data processing and analytics, from raw data ingestion out of 200+ external sources of various types to data preparation, processing, and transformation for delivery to end customers.

For the main components of the data processing platform, we chose Amazon tools which, in addition to offering outstanding performance, ensured smooth integration and compatibility. Amazon Web Services have demonstrated superb flexibility and availability even under heavy loads, and therefore, so we used them to build core data infrastructure for everything from incoming data preparation to pipeline control and data warehousing.

Business intelligence capabilities ensure that the processed data is available in a user-friendly format over multiple dashboards, providing real-time visibility of business processes. Insights generated on the basis of business intelligence results together with integrated predictive functions allow proactive decision-making and discovery of sales opportunities for retailers.

We adopted DevOps best practices and shifted to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to enhance automation, reduce the risk of errors in manual processes, and enable clear configuration tracking with minimal code modifications. This enables effortless updates and server scaling. The introduction of a sustainable CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous deployment) process improved the validation of our work at every development and testing phase prior to production. This ensured the product’s scalability in all directions with minimal expenses and reliance on specialized personnel.

Business outcomes

To establish uniform, transparent, and centralized decision-making, Intellias assisted the client in creating an advanced data and analytics platform. It provides a clear evidence-based view of the client’s business activities, uses advanced analytics to highlight new business opportunities in specific regions, and guides resource allocation and sales efforts.

From a technical perspective, our team adopted the latest platform development and deployment practices, which enabled automated infrastructure updates allowing for continuous improvements and solution resilience.

With a precise focus on the client’s need to receive, prepare, process, and analyze massive amounts of regional data, Intellias designed and implemented a complete infrastructure producing the following benefits:

  • A data and analytics platform provides real-time visibility into operations and validates information coming from various sources in different formats.
  • Data analytics provides a centralized source of truth, minimizing the risk of critical issues while enabling the generation of well-informed sales opportunities through analysis of regional sales potential and performance.
  • Interactive data visuals on a variety of dashboards help highlight gaps in coverage maps and advise business, sales, and marketing experts on untapped opportunities.
  • Predictive capabilities generate inventory and sales predictions used by our client to avoid overstocks and stockouts, increase sales dynamics and profitability, and eliminate unforeseen expenses.
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