Connex2X and Intellias Bring V2X Technology to Automotive AfterMarket

Partnering to Change the Future of Driving

Connex2X, LLC, a U.S.-based company focusing efforts on V2X (Vehicle to Everything) technology, has partnered with Intellias, a global technology partner, to change the future of driving worldwide. The companies are currently working closely to develop the technology that will bring the Connex2X V2X platform to the 1.3 billion existing vehicles around the world.

Adoption of the cloud-based Connex2X V2X platform will result in safer roadways, less congestion, less fuel consumption, extended electric vehicle battery range, and reduced carbon emissions. Drivers will get more green lights, have greater awareness as they connect with other vehicles, traffic signals, and infrastructure like work zones. The app will be curated so that motorists can also order food, find parking, and have a more enjoyable driving experience, all with an easy-to-navigate, touch screen and voice command display. Additionally, drivers will earn rewards with the “Connex2X Drive & Earn” program, an industry first.

Connex2X is excited to announce that our Level I platform will be available in Q1 2023 with Level II and III expected to be available in Q4 2023. Connex2X and Intellias will unveil the first demonstrator model of this technology and pre-orders will be accepted at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023, Booth 7505.

Intellias brings to the partnership decades of its sought-after software engineering expertise in connected-vehicle automotive technology. Connex2X is focusing on design, manufacturing and their unique relationships with the automotive aftermarket industry to bring the Connex2X product to the market.

Intellias has been a great collaborative partner, not only in the development of a modern technology stack, but also in their deep understanding of the global automotive industry and the massive opportunity that exists in bringing V2X technology to the aftermarket.

Joe Zucchero, CTO of Connex2X

We were very impressed with the talented and experienced team of automotive aftermarket C-level executives at Connex2X. Together, we will accelerate innovation, improve road safety and driver experience, all while enabling new revenue streams in the industry.

Sergio Varela, VP of Business and Operations at Intellias

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