Building a Resilient Agriculture Industry in the Wake of the Ukraine Invasion

A roundtable discussion on how Ukrainian and the world’s agriculture sectors are affected by the war. What steps to take to secure a more resilient industry in its wake: from technology adoption to establishing more local food production hubs.

Meet our speakers

Industry experts and thought leaders got together to search for ways to prevent a global food supply crisis and ensure the stability of the agricultural economy


Louisa Burwood-Taylor

Head of media & research at AgFunder


Dmytro Lennyi

AgriTech practice leader at Intellias


Julia Poroshenko

McKinsey consultant and founder of Agrohub


Maryna Kuzmenko

CEO at plant researching project Petiole (UK-based)


Dr Helena Wright

Policy director at FAIRR Institute


James Henegan

SVP of Agribusiness at Gro Intelligence


Himanshu Gupta

CEO of ClimateAI

Key discussion points

What is the role of Ukraine’s agriculture in global food supply?

What is happening in Ukrainian agri sector right now?

How is the war affecting the global food supply?

Is there a way to stop the negative effects globally?

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