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Our big data and AI services for FinTech

Intellias helps our clients explore the growing spectrum of opportunities big data in banking and financial services has to offer. Part technology consulting partner, part development team, and universally flexible, Intellias can help you create a viable lineup of artificial intelligence and financial services and incorporate them into your operations. Take full advantage of big data in finance solutions — gain access to real-time analytics, immediately act on insights, and win more business through unbeatable intelligence.

Why Intellias is a strong partner

  • We understand the potential of AI and big data

    Our engineers can help you determine viable pilots and structure them into market-ready solutions using proven deployment frameworks

  • We practice data compliance and security

    Our big data services include security by design— they’re built to drive value, not become a costly security or compliance liability

  • We know how to approach big data

    We can help you look beyond the buzz and focus on feasible and ROI-proven use cases of big data in the financial services industry

  • We can integrate your solutions with third-party services

    Our engineers can help you run advanced data analysis in banking and financial services powered by data from multiple sources

  • We ensure stable, scalable deployments

    Intellias can help you build the necessary operational infrastructure to add predictability, scalability, and agility into your new AI/ML deployments.

  • We have deep domain expertise in finance

    Our technical excellency is backed by significant experience in working with digital banks and innovative FinTechs.



Success storiesView all case studies

Financial data management system for a Dutch vendor

We created an advanced financial data management system that provides banks and financial institutions with access to real-time stock quotes, investment market information, and financial news from a multi-source database via a secure RESTful API.

Learn more Financial data management system for a Dutch vendor

Data lake platform for a German digital bank

Our engineering team created a robust data lake platform for aggregating internal and external data from multiple sources including Oracle, SQL, the web, and local files as well as for securely storing and operationalizing that data.

Learn more Data lake platform for a German digital bank

Financial business intelligence platform for iGaming

Our team helped EveryMatrix build a new business intelligence solution on .NET and MS SQL for monitoring payment activity and reporting on the latest business insights. Fully PCI DSS compliant, the new business intelligence solution also features an ML-based recommendation engine.

Learn more Financial business intelligence platform for iGaming

Three key use cases of big data and AI in finance

Fraud detection

Card-not-present transactions and online banking place a high cybersecurity toll on your operations. FinTechs are challenged to set up advanced security perimeters without undermining the customer experience. Artificial intelligence has emerged as the backbone of a robust fraud detection process.

Artificial intelligence in finance and banking can identify elaborate patterns of fraud and identify weak links in security. Unlike traditional rules-based systems, AI algorithms can look beyond set boundaries and identify emerging threats without increasing the volume of false positives. Create personalized security strategies based on each customer’s unique behavior. Boost customer trust, loyalty, and profitability by delivering a safe banking experience.

Predictive decision-making

Powered by machine learning and data science in banking and finance, predictive analytics is a game-changer for operational savviness, as it empowers your organization to make smarter decisions across multiple dimensions. Identify emerging market trends and capitalize on them before your competition.

Predictive analytics enhances your day-to-day operations. Raise your profitability by empowering advisors with decision intelligence. Plan for long-term growth by running multi-scenario analysis based on real-time market data. Delight your customers with ultra-personalized products and services assembled just for them using spending, payment, savings, and insurance data. With AI, the human factor doesn’t influence decision-making anymore.

Credit scoring

The application of artificial intelligence in data management finance enables you to minimize lending risks and maximize repayment rates for customers with thin credit portfolios (or even no credit). Start leveraging alternative credit data to securely seize underserved financial markets.

AI-driven credit scoring lets you deploy highly personalized consumer and small business loans just in time. By increasing the scale of your analytics capabilities, you can also identify optimal lenders, customize repayment plans based on their history with your brand, and pre-approve new candidates in seconds. Expand your lending operations without increasing non-repayment risks by using the power of AI to accurately model customers’ solvency.

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