Patching as a Service by Intellias

Maintain your software security and stability with automated patching, fixing vulnerabilities, boosting performance, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Intellias helps businesses strengthen the integrity of their software systems with automated patch management of AWS EC2 instances. With our Patching as a Service (PaaS) solution, you will never miss a critical security patch or an important update, making sure your infrastructure always remains protected while minimizing time and resource consumption.

Put patch management on autopilot under the guidance of our certified AWS engineers.

Ensure maximum security with Patching as a Service by AWS and Intellias

Intellias AWS experts will help you overcome the challenge of keeping your system up to date with the latest patches by automating the process of scanning for updates and applying required patches across the entire system. While manual patching can be extremely time- and resource-consuming, the PaaS approach minimizes human intervention, lowering maintenance costs and improving software system performance.

Patching as a Service represents a transformative approach to security patching, enabling you to implement custom update schedules that ensure continuous operation of your software while freeing your engineers’ time for other important tasks. Rely on Intellias AWS experts to help you leverage the benefits of PaaS and maintain maximum system security.

Patching as a Service: Solution overview

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In our PaaS solution, we use features of AWS cloud services to create a comprehensive process of automatically scanning multiple EC2 instances for missing security patches and applying corresponding updates to ensure continuous protection.

Our PaaS architecture leverages the functionality of AWS Systems Manager to scan instances for necessary updates and apply the latest patches automatically. The use of AWS Systems Manager as a task automation component minimizes manual interventions and optimizes maintenance costs.

Automated instance patching is performed as a rule-based process according to a predefined schedule. A dedicated Lambda function in the customer’s account scans target EC2 instances to identify missing patches, which are then applied automatically by AWS Systems Manager.

The PaaS solution by Intellias and AWS takes patching efficiency to the next level by eliminating the need for manual operations and automatically detecting missing patches in software systems of any size and complexity.

Take the guesswork out of security updates — adopt the PaaS approach.

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