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With bold and non-standard solutions built using the advanced features of AWS cloud services, Intellias reshapes the experiences you bring to your automotive customers. Leveraging groundbreaking technologies designed by Amazon specifically for the automotive industry, we can help you advance your traditional business and get in the fast lane for mobility disruption.

As an independent vendor- and technology-agnostic software engineering and consulting partner, we leverage our software excellence to help automotive players make software-defined vehicles a reality. Our qualified AWS experts assist you in the digital transformation of your automotive business with a focus on competitiveness,
resource optimization, next-level customer experiences, and environmental awareness.

Trust Intellias to help you unlock the power of AWS cloud services tailored specifically for the automotive industry.

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Intellias AWS services for automotive

Connected vehicles

Unlock the potential of IoT and AWS for real-time data, predictive maintenance, and enhanced driver experiences. With AWS connected mobility technologies at the core of intelligent car platforms, you can enjoy faster time to market, advanced data management, and unique fleet insights while optimizing delivery costs.

Autonomous driving

Develop cutting-edge autonomous driving solutions with AWS machine learning and computer vision technologies for safer and more efficient transportation. The AWS development platform takes the creation of autonomous vehicle systems to the next level with unmatched data storage and processing capabilities, advanced analytics, algorithm development, and deep learning.

Factory automation

Optimize manufacturing efficiency, reduce downtime, and lower costs using AWS cloud services. Engineering automation enabled by pioneering AWS cloud architectures opens broad opportunities for innovative production strategies, increased productivity through smart data management, and the design of secure and sustainable processes.

Predictive maintenance

Utilize Amazon Web Service’s AI and machine learning tools to predict and prevent vehicle maintenance issues, saving valuable time and resources. Based on comprehensive analytics of massive volumes of historical data, AWS solutions help you address possible vehicle failures before they occur, increasing driving safety and reducing maintenance costs.

Customer experience 

Elevate customer satisfaction with personalized services, voice recognition, and AI-powered recommendations, all hosted on AWS infrastructure. Using connected technologies specially designed for the automotive industry allows you to meet the ever-increasing demands of omnichannel availability, high personalization, and customer-centric interaction across all touchpoints.

Product engineering

Collaborate efficiently with multiple suppliers and OEMs on a single platform to accelerate product development. With infrastructure considerations taken care of on the AWS side, you can concentrate on designing and engineering your automotive solutions at an accelerated rate.

Power your advantage with the AWS platform to stay relevant and innovative, improve customer satisfaction, and drive revenue.

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