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Advanced Order Management Automation Solution Taking Customer Service Quality to the Next Level

An automated order management system increases sales performance and boosts customer satisfaction while supporting business growth

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Project snapshot

The Intellias team implemented an order management automation solution for a leading multi-brand technology products business. Focused on speed and scalability, the order processing solution removes the burden of repetitive tasks from sales account managers, empowering them to provide better service for the customers and drive revenue growth, with the algorithm handling the operational behind-the-scenes tasks.

Business Challenge

A Fortune 500 company and a member of the S&P 500, our client provides integrated IT solutions and services to more than 250,000 business, government, education, and healthcare customers in the US, the UK, and Canada. Our client faced complications with managing sales processes due to an increasing number of orders and customers. Hundreds of orders per month per individual had to be processed manually, leading to bottlenecks, human errors, and delays that impacted customer satisfaction and revenue.

Mundane, time-consuming, and repetitive manual order management (every order took about five minutes) required significant human resources and became an overwhelming task for sales account managers whose KPI was growing accounts rather than processing orders.

Advanced Order Management Automation Solution Taking Customer Service Quality to the Next Level

Solution delivered

The Intellias team joined the client’s in-house experts and within five months provided:

Business analysis and implementation of an automated order processing solution with a specific focus on scalability that can be applied to one unit or across the whole organization with the same level of efficiency

A component that allows for automated order creation based on input data that sales reps receive from various sources, including internal order systems and email

A pilot of a flexible module and POC for API integration for one department, which then grew in scope and was implemented for other departments, increasing the company’s order processing efficiency

Integrations with the client’s system for instant processing of every order by leveraging the client’s API, built by the Intellias team

Further seamless integration with internal systems and third-party software, facilitating rapid and cost-effective connections to various modules such as warehouse management, logistics, and automated dispatch for deliveries.

Build your path to business success, while Intellias takes care of the technology behind it

Business outcomes

Quality and efficiency. Implementing automated order processing within the sales division addresses work efficiency and processing speed. This guarantees that the sales department aligns and adapts faster to the company’s needs. Consequently, sales teams can dedicate more time to engaging with clients, offering improved services and fostering business growth as automation handles the behind-the-scenes tasks.

Integration potential. An automated solution can integrate with other systems/software solutions, improving the data flow and data visibility across the whole organization while reducing delays and errors resulting from manual data entry.

Improved customer satisfaction. The consistency and speed of order handling offered by automation lead to more efficient sales procedures and foster a positive, personalized approach to customer interaction.

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