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Offshore software development services by Intellias

We dive deep into our clients’ needs and goals to provide the most suitable offshore software service models, from hiring offshore software developers you can manage directly to assuming complete responsibility for the software development lifecycle (SDLC). With every offshore software outsourcing model, Intellias offers an optimally designed roadmap for staffing your team, delivering key artifacts, and hitting clearly defined KPIs. We use our profound expertise, technical vision, and streamlined processes to design and co-create solutions that help our clients succeed in their offshore software development projects. You’ll get everything you need to achieve maximum productivity and cost savings with comfort and confidence throughout the offshore software development project lifecycle.

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Scale your offshore development capacity faster with Intellias

What do you get?

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    Scalable offshore software development capacity thanks to our in-house engineers and a hassle-free hiring process fully covered by Intellias.

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    Experienced engineering teams with defined roles, managed by proven agile practices that make it easy to integrate your Intellias team with your in-house developers.

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    Established goals, measurable outcomes, and trackable milestones to ensure cost transparency and the highest performance.

Why choose Intellias?

  • Tailored engagement models

    Based on your desired level of engagement in development, management, and ownership, we’ll align your offshore dedicated team with your project needs. We’ll hire offshore developers, set up the team according to your requirements, and supervise the development process.

  • Profound security

    Intellias follows offshore outsourcing software development best practices. We align with international regulations including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) as well as standards including ISO 27001 and ISO 9001:2015 to protect data and prevent any damage throughout every project.

  • Scalable implementation

    Our offshore software application development teams consist of established experts from a vast talent market to accelerate your project implementation. We have the experience necessary to fully cover your needs and efficiently scale engineering capacity.

  • Centers of Excellence

    We empower businesses to reach their strategic objectives faster and solve complex tasks easily with our Centers of Excellence (CoEs). Each CoE unites engineers, designers, and managers specializing in a particular technology, approach, or programming language.

  • Scalable capacity

    With extensive offshore web development capacity, you can eliminate delays throughout the software development lifecycle to meet or exceed project goals. We’ll meet your challenges with our broad expertise, proven approaches, and high degree of scalability.

  • Distributed locations

    Build your offshore software development team in multiple Intellias software development locations in Ukraine and Poland. We’ll ensure your offshore dedicated team shares your business culture and aligns with your in-house team so your project proceeds smoothly.

Success storiesView all case studies

An engineering powerhouse for an eLearning platform

BrainStorm, a US-based training provider, chose Intellias as their strategic offshore software development partner to build a new eLearning platform for corporate training. After nine years of partnership, Intellias has become the bedrock of BrainStorm’s development, bringing on over 50 engineers and delivering a product used by millions of learners globally.

Derek Adams, CTO of Brainstorm

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Development center for an award-winning product

For EveryMatrix, a UK innovator in the B2B iGaming space, Intellias set up an offshore development team to deliver five award-winning SaaS solutions and help the company pass a PCI DSS audit. After taking on full responsibility for engineering projects, Intellias now operates as EveryMatrix’s offshore outsourcing software development center.

Ebbe Groes, CEO of EveryMatrix

Learn more Development center for an award-winning product

Engineering R&D capacity for a content distribution platform

Playbuzz, an Israeli online media company, chose Intellias to scale engineering capacity and accelerate the time to market for their multimedia storytelling platform. We established a highly skilled team composed of software, DevOps, test automation, machine learning, and support engineers, delivering content distribution tools for millions of users.

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A scalable engineering team for breakthrough platform

Intellias helped a global leader in location based services develop a cloud data platform powered by real-time HD maps for autonomous driving. We have been involved in conceptualizing, developing, testing, and deploying the platform’s architecture, gradually becoming a backbone of our client’s offshore engineering capacity.

Learn more A scalable engineering team for breakthrough platform

When do you need offshore development services?

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Lack of talent

Offshore development services provide exceptional value when you have a limited ability to fill specific engineering jobs on the local talent market. It can take months to find the necessary candidate, not to mention the higher cost of local talent compared to an offshore developer. Partnering with an offshore software development company to search for, recruit, develop, and motivate a remote engineering team can be an optimal solution for bridging the talent gap global companies experience year after year.

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Tight deadlines

The success or failure of a project can be decided by the ability to meet a strict timeline. Offshore software development companies can reinforce their clients, allowing them to breathe freely and focus on the market. The expertise, experience, and dedication of an offshore application development partner will guarantee your project’s progress within a defined timeline while providing a quality of work in line with the highest industry standards. Offshore programming services are a secure way of creating your product in time and within your budget.

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Complex or simultaneous projects

When the complexity of a project extends beyond your company’s expertise, this is the signal to find an offshore outsourcing software development company. Partnering with an offshore development company helps you cover the expertise gap and extend capacity by working on several projects at once. You can succeed on all fronts by sharing an ever-growing workload with your remote team. Apart from providing you with specialists to work on specific tasks, offshore staff augmentation will increase the efficiency of your in-house team and improve the final results.

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Consulting and ongoing support

Offshore development outsourcing can provide you much more than engineering services at scale. Partnering with an experienced offshore outsourcing company gives you the knowledge of experts who work every day with world-known brands and innovative projects. Our experts can consult you at every stage of development, from ideation and solution discovery to technology implementation and ongoing maintenance. We bring 19 years of experience in offshoring software development to improve your existing products and design new ones from scratch.

How to choose an offshore software development company?

Communication is key to success

Offshore development services can significantly boost your company’s ability to achieve strategic business objectives. The most important part of successful partnership with an offshore software development companyis transparent and clear communication. It’s critical to share your business goals with a remote team so offshore developers can translate your business needs into technological solutions.

Intellias has been a trusted technology partner to global enterprises and innovative startups since 2002. This long journey has taught us how to build strong communication frameworks with our clients so they don’t notice the difference between communicating with their in-house team and with Intellias offshore software developers. We establish an efficient workflow that determines the final quality of your digital product.

Security as a marker of experience

Experienced offshore software development companies pay attention to a client’s every need. The security of data and intellectual property are among the first things technology companies need to consider when partnering with an offshore development company. Intellias has 19 years of experience in offshore application development. Our clients trust us for our continuous delivery practices and data privacy initiatives.

We protect your intellectual property and personal data according to international IP rights and your specific security requirements. We follow internal IP protocols and a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA) policy to avoid potential data leaks and prevent fraud activity. As an offshore outsourcing software development company, we equip our employees with all the necessary tools to work on virtual machines for better security in data transmission and communication.

Variety of services and flexibility

When looking for an offshore programming company, you can choose among various service models that cover your specific needs and align with the composition of your established in-house team. Depending on your readiness to invest time in the management of your offshore application development team, you may choose an extended capacity model, opt for a fully supervised team, or share product responsibility with offshore developers.

We deliver targeted offshore development services to help your business embrace innovation and tackle the overwhelming challenges of today’s digital world. We’ve designed our services to capture and deliver business value in a cost-effective way. When partnering with an offshore software development company, you gain business value in the form of high product quality, flexible engineering organization, and accelerated time to market.

Frequently asked questions about offshore development services

What will the transition from onshore to offshore application development look like?
Intellias employs a phased model for transitioning to offshore programming while minimizing the impact on a client’s business and operations. The initial phase of the transition focuses on receiving knowledge of the current system, your tasks, and your goals for your onshore development team. Once we’ve acquired this knowledge and scaled the Intellias team, we’ll take over 100% of service activities with the partial involvement of your onshore team to help fine-tune our offshore development services. During the last phase, Intellias will be fully responsible for service delivery and only high-level supervision will be needed from your side.
What does remote communication with an offshore software development company look like?
As an offshore development company with 19 years of experience, Intellias assures smooth remote communication between clients and offshore developers. Intellias offshore teams hold daily syncs with clients to ensure alignment with in-house teams. At the start of cooperation, we are ready to adjust our working time to fit a client’s schedule in order to get full knowledge transfer and build a solid and fruitful partnership.
How can I manage my team provided by an offshore outsourcing software development company?
As a potential technology and offshore application development partner, Intellias covers all administration, recruitment, and legal matters. After the knowledge sharing phase, your offshore team will seamlessly integrate into your in-house team by adapting to your project and organization, making the relationships between you and your offshore development services provider easy to manage and providing trackable results.
What is your unique value proposition among other offshore software development companies?
We intend not only to provide offshore development services but to become a reliable long-term technology partner who shares our clients’ understanding of a project’s goals, needs, and objectives. Intellias strives to enable digital technology for our clients by bringing together top engineering talent, deep industry expertise, and personal dedication to meet unique business needs that clients want to solve by partnering with an offshore outsourcing software development company.

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