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Working with an IT Outsourcing Company in Poland: 7 Key Benefits

Find out how to choose a reliable IT outsourcing team in Poland, one of the most popular destinations for software development

Updated on December 17, 2021

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Long gone are the days when companies tried to gather the best team in-house to deal with all the challenges they faced. Now, startups and global enterprises concentrate on doing what they do best and outsource the rest. This is particularly true with software development. To deliver a great product, a software development team must have ample experience — and this experience is best obtained when one team builds a variety of products for multiple customers.

When it comes to IT outsourcing, Poland is one of the most popular destinations. But how can you choose a reliable IT outsourcing companies in Poland? We would like to highlight seven key advantages of outsourcing in Poland:

  • Great coding expertise
  • High concentration of talent
  • Overlapping time zones
  • European work culture and English fluency
  • Affordable services
  • Strong R&D market
  • Nearshoring and offshoring opportunities

Poland is one of the best IT outsourcing destinations worldwide. Geographically, it’s located near Western European countries and is tied to them culturally. While being a member of the European Union, Poland is able to provide affordable services for various reasons. Let’s prove this bold statement.

Great coding expertise

Poland IT outsourcing companies have access to a large network of skilled software developers. According to TopCoder, Poland is one of the top five countries for talent based on developers’ skills. This has also been proven by IT developers from Poland taking leading positions in annual coding contests like Google Code Jam, Microsoft Imagine Cup, and the Central European Regional Contest (CERC).

Among countries with IT outsourcing companies Poland is also in the top three worldwide for best developers according to HackerRank:
Working with an IT Outsourcing Company in Poland: 7 Key Benefits
Source: HackerRank Programming Olympics

Poland has one of the largest pools of skilled software engineers in Europe. According to Statista, it was home to nearly 300,000 software developers as of 2019.
Working with an IT Outsourcing Company in Poland: 7 Key Benefits
Source: Statista, Leading European countries with professional developers in Europe in 2019, ranked by countries

A high concentration of talent

In Poland, IT outsourcing industry has a lot to offer. There are several major IT hubs in the country — Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, and Katowice. These five cities house 80% of all software engineers in Poland. Krakow holds second place, with nearly 50,000 working IT specialists and 170,000 aspiring students learning in this cultural and educational center. Working with an IT outsourcing company in Krakow will ensure access to a thriving community of experienced professionals who can handle every aspect of your business.

Moreover, as most software developers in Poland start writing code when they’re under 10 years old, by 17, many are already quite experienced.

Cities with the biggest population of developers
Working with an IT Outsourcing Company in Poland: 7 Key Benefits

Overlapping time zones

Poland is in the GMT+1 time zone, so the majority of European customers will have overlapping working hours with their IT technology partners. As for US customers, the time difference is 6 hours for the East Coast and 9 hours for the West Coast, still allowing several hours during the day to contact IT partners. As a result, tasks can be completed the same day for EU companies and overnight for US companies.

Similar work culture and English fluency

What’s important for IT outsourcing, Poland is ranked #11 out of 100 countries in EF Education’s English Proficiency Index (and #9 out of 33 countries in Europe). The majority of software developers in Poland speak English fluently or at least at an upper-intermediate level. You can be confident in solid communication, saving your business from costly mistakes.

Poland is a predominantly Catholic state that follows the same calendar and holds the same values as its Western partners. Polish holidays mostly coincide with those in the US and Western Europe, so your outsourcing partners will work when you work and rest when you rest.

Most importantly, Poland is part of the EU and adheres to all EU business regulations like the GDPR while following generally accepted codes of conduct for European businesses. Polish companies prefer building long-term partnerships over simply closing deals.

This is certainly true of Intellias, a well-known IT outsourcing services provider. We value our reputation and do everything we can to win the trust of our customers. With returning customers and referrals accounting for 70% of all our clients, we’re proud to be among the most trusted and reliable IT outsourcing companies in Poland.

Affordable services

Hourly rates of software engineers vary depending on seniority, project scope, and other factors. However, cost of living is one of the most influential aspects. According to a 2017 overview by Eastern Peak of global average hourly rates for software development, hiring skilled talent in Poland runs from $30 to $50 per hour. This is three times less than with US contractors, most of whom charge around $150 an hour, or with Canadian companies, which often charge around $100 an hour.

Despite the lower rates, however, the quality of services and final products is high. From the perspective of price/quality ratio, Poland is by far the best choice to meet your hiring needs.
Working with an IT Outsourcing Company in Poland: 7 Key Benefits

Strong R&D market

Poland is located next to major economic hubs and has direct flights to destinations around the world, making it easy for companies to communicate and interact. Many leading international companies and global technology vendors like Intel, Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, and Samsung have already established R&D centers in Poland and are benefiting from its strong and growing economy. This is why Poland is one of the top 50 outsourcing destinations worldwide.

With each passing year, Poland strengthens its position in various international ratings and attracts more and more companies to establish a presence. Maybe it’s time to join them?

Offshoring and nearshoring

Poland is a great destination for both offshoring and nearshoring. For EU companies, Poland is an attractive nearshoring option due to its geographical proximity and lower cost of living. If you look for an outsourcing company, Poland can significantly reduce their project expenses and easily keep their hands on the pulse of their projects.

For US customers, outsourcing in Poland is a great offshoring choice due to its ability to deliver high-quality end-to-end solutions at affordable prices. Outsourcing companies in Poland excel at providing excellent turnkey products to support their customers’ innovation and business growth.

Working with an IT Outsourcing Company in Poland: 7 Key Benefits
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Choose Poland for quality and expertise

Poland is an attractive destination for IT outsourcing for many reasons. Due to its stable growth, influx of highly qualified specialists from surrounding countries, and strong software development community, Poland is a place where you can find a trustworthy technology partner.

Intellias is an international IT outsourcing company with offices in Berlin, Krakow, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Lviv. Due to its abundance of skilled software engineers, ever-growing investments, and proximity to our clients, Poland was a logical destination to expand to. We’re happy to provide top-notch IT outsourcing services in Poland to help your business reach new heights.

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