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Internet of Things for smart cities solutions we implement:

Urban mobility

Integrated multimodal routing solutions, as well as digital parking and smart traffic systems

Utilities management

Meter data management solutions for precise meter readings and accurate resource distribution

Street lighting

Intelligent systems for lighting scenarios management, automatic ON/OFF and dimming control

Facilities management

Cohesive software solutions for more sustainable spaces and engaging workplace experiences

Waste management

Smart solutions for preventing garbage bins overflows and optimizing waste collection process

Public safety

Monitoring solutions that detect motion to track perpetrators and identify possible crime scenes

Additional benefits you get when working with Intellias

Cross-domain expertise covering the core infrastructure elements of a smart city

Centers of Excellence to generate non-trivial solutions in a particular focus area

Multi-cloud experience including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms

Flexible delivery models based on desired levels of engagement in the development process

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IoT-enabled mobility as a service solution

One of the world’s leaders in location-based data services and solutions for smart urban mobility decided to launch a new mobility as a service system. In the process of its development, however, our client found out that they are unable to sell their real-time transit data directly to businesses due to the technological limitations. The Intellias team helped our client rebuild their data processing facilities and improve the MaaS solution that enables more cost-efficient journeys for daily commuters and travelers.

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Intelligent traffic management system

A global leader of location technology and mapping, providing cutting-edge automotive-grade navigation software, has been collaborating with several European countries on IoT solutions to tackle traffic challenges in cities. We’ve become our client’s core engineering partner for building a location platform that serves as the backbone for the traffic alert system, as well as contributed to the development of functionality for detecting hazardous driving conditions.

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IoT-powered smart parking system

A leader in the global market for geolocation services and mobile mapping required to develop a smart parking management solution as a part of their cooperative location-centric data ecosystem. Having been closely involved in the development of our client's multiple technology solutions, Intellias helped them create a system for identifying free parking slots in urban areas. Also, we developed a functionality enabling navigation for pedestrians walking from the parking slot to the POI.

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Our Internet of Things expertise

Enjoy the benefits of using IoT in smart cities

IoT in smart cities improves services for citizens and businesses

Smart cities solutions merge various information and communication technologies to impact the well-being of citizens, the level of services they render and receive, as well as improve the economic situation in specific communities. IoT solutions for smart cities are at the forefront of technologically-enabled changes forming a smart city paradigm.

Let’s look at urban mobility systems. Whether it’s an advanced routing solution, a connected transportation system, or a digital parking congestion sensing system – these are smart solutions for smart cities that make a difference. Smart utility management is an important part of IoT in smart cities. Smart sensors, electric grids, and water meters have proven to be effective all over the globe. IoT in smart cities makes infrastructure safer, reduce rates of criminal activity, and lead to equitable society. With citizens desiring to receive better services and officials striving to make utilities economically viable, IoT solutions for smart cities will be in demand.

Smart cities use IoT for sustainability and environment

Smart solutions for smart cities means immense financial infusions. This’s why so many are getting on board with the endless possibilities of IoT. In addition to the practical side of IoT and smart cities, we should also consider environmental issues. The sphere of shared responsibility among stakeholders requires efficient application of solutions for smart cities.

Smart cities using IoT now have powerful tools to control environmental emissions and sound pollution. For example, solutions for smart cities that are equipped with air quality sensors, are able to indicate areas with the most and the least pollution during a specific period of time. However, simply indicating an issue is not the same as responding to it. The capacity of software for smart city to analyze vast amounts of data is critical. With profound big data credentials and proven AI skillset, Intellias offers well-designed solutions for smart cities by featuring a data analytics strategy to derive meaningful and actionable insights.

Move ahead with IoT and smart cities

The market is currently featuring solutions for smart cities. This proves the efforts in developing reliable software for smart cities are worthwhile. For ambitious startups, applying IoT solutions for smart cities is a great chance to make a statement. Well-known brands are linking their name with IoT and smart cities, attracting lots of public attention and governmental support.

Smart solutions for smart cities are areas with a favorable investment climate. Governments support the initiatives of smart cities using IoT, offering private tech companies and public communities an increase in federal funding. At the same time, the future of smart cities depends on several factors. Having a concrete plan, a realistic strategy, and clear steps in implementing your initiatives regarding the internet of things for smart cities, are all vital for success. Meanwhile, understanding the innovative side of IoT in smart cities is the responsibility of an experienced technology partner. That’s exactly what we do at Intellias — deliver customized software solutions for smart cities.

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