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Location Based Services

Embrace an open world of location intelligence and GPS tracking for business applications, customers, and developers

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Capture, structure, and analyze massive spatial datasets to get actionable insights for your business and customers

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Our custom mapping services

We advance the technology offerings of smart mapping solutions providers and companies who deliver HD map content in industries including transportation, logistics, automotive, and retail. With Intellias custom mapping software, our clients get consistent and data-rich mapping content delivered through optimized pipelines, making their maps valuable professional and personal assets for users. We work with proprietary, NDS, ADAS, and other standards to enable you to map the world faster and equip your customers with accurate and complete information every time they use your mapping software solutions.

Additional benefits of partnering with Intellias for custom mapping software development

Intellias GIS and geo mapping services transform unstructured and massive spatial datasets into actionable insights

Our AI and machine learning models automate data aggregation and other manual tasks for fast and error-free mapping services

We offer a full scope of location-based services thanks to our experience in location intelligence, GPS tracking, and positioning

You can apply our cloud services to store, access, and transfer data across mapping software solutions deployed in the cloud

Map the world around faster with relevant and accurate data

Custom mapping solutions for industry-specific use cases

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Precise GIS mapping for agriculture

An AgriTech service provider needed to develop a farm management system with a focus on field mapping. As part of the development of a complete farm management system, we implemented NDVI analytics for satellite mapping services in the field and integrated third-party data sources to overlay agricultural maps with information on crop varieties, soil types, and nutrients applied. This field mapping functionality also increases the efficiency of farming operations by visualizing the history of sowing, analyzing terrain, and predicting upcoming weather changes.

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3D mapping for map data visualization

A map data provider needed to turn data acquired from millions of sensors installed in cars and across infrastructure into visual insights for easier analytics. Our mapping engineers implemented several key map data visualization components. We organized all data into catalogs and layers that can be used for creating a complete digital map. Our implemented notebooks are used to train machine learning algorithms, while visualization libraries accelerate rendering of 2D and 3D maps.

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Fleet maps for truck tracking

A Fortune 500 auto manufacturer that provides a fleet tracing system needed to synchronize data collected from IoT connected sensors and overlay it on maps for trucks. We implemented a robust mapping solution to display POIs, geofenced areas, and truck movements on real-time dashboards integrated with maps. This solution helps end customers monitor vehicle conditions, optimize routes, and notify drivers of road situations. Our client’s fleet trucking solution increases cost efficiency for fleets by visualizing critical information on relevant maps.

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Drone and aerial mapping services

A US-based drone mapping platform provider needed to develop precise aeronautical maps to make drone navigation safer and comply with international air regulations. Our engineers enriched drone maps with critical third-party information on no-fly zones, temporary restrictions, geofenced areas, powerlines, weather, and more. Using our client’s drone maps, UAV operators can quickly authorize drones for use in logistics, entertainment, public safety, real estate, and other fields.

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Mapping data actualization for a MaaS

A mapping company and Mapping as a Service platform provider needed to set up a whole new concept of maps for smart cities. To do this, they needed to collect and structure massive data sets to put relevant data on maps. We established data pipelines and a routing engine to obtain sensor data for maps and transform it into insights for transportation services across the city. Data-rich maps provided as part of our client’s MaaS platform are now in use by sharing economy providers and public transit companies in over 1000 cities worldwide.

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Traffic monitoring with data-rich maps

A leading mapping company and provider of location intelligence services experienced challenges with structuring increased data flows to their maps used for traffic monitoring. We reframed their data collection pipeline to process part of the data locally in vehicles and then aggregate it in the cloud. After being processed and labeled, the data is returned from the cloud with minimal delay to the navigation system in the form of insights and predictions of possible traffic jams due to weather changes, accidents, and road work.

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Following recent custom mapping trends to map the world around us

Maps for venues

Mapping solutions penetrate deep into users’ lives and business spheres. Now people can access indoor maps for airports, shopping malls, and event centers. These large venues are easy to get lost in without the assistance of custom map software. Intellias indoor positioning and online digital mapping expertise enable businesses to be seen on venue maps while empowering users to navigate spaces and find whatever they came for.

Smart mapping solutions for indoor environments have specific requirements. Venues and buildings often limit and even block signals required for map content updates and GPS positioning. This is why a specific approach is required for mapping within venues. We have expertise working with beacon- and sensor- based tracking to guarantee an undisrupted and rich experience while navigating indoors.

Maps for vehicles

Geo data mapping, HD maps, and SLAM algorithms have enabled recent advancements in the driving experience. ADAS features and autonomous driving rely on self-healing maps with fast updates and powerful processing capabilities to make driving safer and more convenient for drivers. We help digital mapping companies produce the perfect mix of sensor data to display on custom digital maps with advanced machine learning models for selecting and validating data.

Connectivity plays a critical role in keeping custom map software up to date and always available. Onboard navigation systems require streaming map updates and robust integration with digital mapping services. Intellias implements incremental OTA updates for connected cars to ensure the optimal size of map data and a fast map rendering process, increasing the speed of custom map updates from months to minutes.

Maps for businesses

Custom mapping services have become valuable assets across various industries. Agriculture benefits from interactive mapping solutions for fields that help farmers grow crops sustainably. Logistics services use mapping software solutions to build optimal supply chains. Transportation companies enhance the transit and delivery experience for customers. Fleets save money on fuel and optimize drivers’ workloads using cloud mapping software.

We keep our expertise in mapping solutions relevant to each business need of each specific industry. We enable mapping platform providers to tackle the challenges of gathering and structuring data to scale their businesses and provide customer-centric models. For this, we migrate digital mapping software to the cloud, extract insights from spatial data sets, and translate endless coordinates into location insights.

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