Intellias Enters the Spanish Market

Intellias, a global technology partner to the world’s leading companies, announces the opening of new development centers in Spain

Intellias, a global technology partner to top-tier companies, is continuing its geographical growth by preparing to open development centers in the Spanish cities of Madrid and Malaga. The openings are planned for autumn 2022. Through these office locations, local specialists will have an opportunity to develop solutions for world-leading companies from the Forbes 500 list and leading technology innovators.

Intellias has profound expertise in many technology spheres, including automotive, FinTech, telecom, and eCommerce. In particular, FinTech is one of the company’s strategic fields of activity. From API development and cloud operations to big data and cybersecurity, Intellias team creates cutting-edge solutions for the financial industry. Intellias engineers use technology to digitalize financial products and make people’s lives better. Millions of people worldwide use solutions created by Intellias specialists.

Intellias is implementing its ambitious growth plans for 2022. As part of our strategy of geographical expansion, we are opening new locations in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Spain has a well-developed and vibrant IT market, and we are happy to become part of the growing local IT community. By cooperating closely with Spanish IT experts, educational centers, and IT hubs in Madrid and Malaga, we plan to build a top-tier team of engineers who will join our efforts in digitalizing the world.

Vitaly Sedler, CEO and co-founder of Intellias

The decision to enter the Spanish market was dictated by Intellias globalization business strategy. The Spanish market was chosen as it is one of the most vibrant and rapidly developing digital scenes in Europe, attracting tech experts from all over the world. By the end of 2022, the Spanish offices are expected to have around 40 specialists, who will join the global Intellias team of over 2500 specialists.

One of the fundamental features of Intellias is its human-to-human culture, which manifests itself both in long-term strategic planning and routine daily tasks. At Intellias, people are always more important than processes. Intellias specialists can manage their working time, professional growth, and overall career trajectory. They have opportunities to learn, update their skills, become mentors, and speak at international events. Intellias strictly adheres to principles of equity, inclusivity, and diversity and promotes women empowerment and gender equality, incorporating the UN Compact’s Women Empowerment Principles in its day-to-day operations.

With over 20 years of experience working with technology, Intellias has been named one of the best IT employers and service providers multiple times. The company was named the best IT employer by Forbes Ukraine in 2020 and 2021. For many years in a row, Intellias has been listed among the world’s top service providers according to IAOP, GSA, and Clutch.

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