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Intellias nearshore software development services can help you accelerate your mission-critical software projects.
Adapt to market demand faster, innovate efficiently, and keep your resources agile and aligned with your development needs.

Focus on realizing your business potential and become successful in the global arena.

Trusted by major European brands 

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Transform your business at scale with a reliable technology partner by your side

From fully managed development teams to individual experts to augment your project, Intellias provides solid end-to-end nearshore software development services and custom software solutions. We deliver tangible outcomes in response to your specific business needs from 6 convenient and cost-efficient locations in Central and Eastern Europe.


Intellias nearshore software development services 

Scale your business for growth with the right nearshore partner who aligns your development goals with capabilities on flexible terms. Cross-tech expertise, industry vision, established outsourcing models, streamlined processes, and value-driven team culture - we turn technology solutions into your business growth enablers with comprehensive nearshore software development services.

Enterprise automation

Transform your enterprise with intelligent digital tools into a holistic business ecosystem of software solutions tailored to specific needs.


Digital transformation

Integrate an all-digital approach across your business to meet dynamic market requirements and deliver a refined customer experience.


Application development

Capture every opportunity of the connected world with our custom web development and mobile solutions to power up a value-based product experience.

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Cloud-based development

Get the most out of cloud environments, streamline the shift to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS business models to future-proof your infrastructure investment.


Data analytics & visualization

Translate your data into actual business information in an accessible visual format for further fact-based meaningful decisions.


Product customization

Improve, re-engineer and customize your unique solution to meet all aspects of your business needs aligning with market requirements.

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Infrastructure services

Energize your business performance and resilience with a robust infrastructure and IT services behind your software solutions.

Ready to accelerate your software development efforts with a reliable nearshore software development company? 

Benefits of nearshore software development with Intellias 

Extensive talent pool with niche expertise

Intellias delivers nearshore software development services from the delivery centers in CEE with the right tech expertise to align your projects to your business needs. We ensure you receive fast and reliable solutions that work perfectly in an environment full of challenges. CEE is an established tech hub backed up by solid educational capacities and a pool of cross-technology experts.

Measured ROI

While retaining and scaling your nearshore teams you can focus on your core business activities and tap into new market opportunities. On top of reduced collaborative effort, eliminated remote work challenges, you gain full control over the engineering team and workflows, helping you to open new levels of value and maximize your ROI.

Geographical and cultural proximity

Being close geographically with aligned time zones, the development teams seamlessly integrate into clients’ organizations.  Our shared values, sustainable business milestones, and cultural parity are fundamental for establishing long-lasting productive nearshore partnerships. Many of our clients have had teams with us for years now, in fact, our first clients stays with us since 2002.

Privacy, security compliance & business continuity

While delivering engineering excellence, Intellias follows compliance, security, and privacy requirements, like ISO, GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc. We ensure professional security training for employees and have a proven actionable continuity strategy in place guaranteeing the undisrupted performance of development teams.

Intellias development centers and representative offices in Europe

Planing to go near the shore with your development needs?

What our clients say

Our partnership with Intellias is a key component to our success.
Jorgen Behrens,
Chief Product Officer, HERE Technologies,
The Netherlands
Their professionalism and range of offerings has made for a good experience
Carlos de Gouveia,
Head of Product, Onogo, UK
Intellias has a culture that renders results; their people are motivated, and I believe this is their key strength
Former CTO&VP,
Mapping Company, Germany
Their willingness to fully understand the projects and our needs makes them a pleasant partner to work with.
Patrick Mukherjee,
Senior Blockchain Architect,
Deon Digital, Switzerland

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