Intellias Launches AI/ML Center of Excellence to Drive Clients’ Success

Intellias announces the launch of a new Center of Excellence focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise

In April 2019, following its strategy to cumulate and amplify niche expertise across the entire organization, Intellias has established a new Center of Excellence (CoE) with artificial intelligence and machine learning at its core. The primary aim of the AI and ML Centre of Excellence is to make the most of these competencies to lead Intellias customers towards their strategic objectives and enable their business growth times faster.

Intellias forms each CoE as a comprehensive multi-functional team. Company’s top experts gather to accumulate their experience in a particular focus area and capture new knowledge. Specialists from different delivery units, departments, and projects bring together their thought leadership and practical approaches to solving non-trivial business challenges that may become serious roadblocks on customer’s way to success.

A CoE is an effective means en route to company’s business intelligence and service-oriented architecture. It provides a focal point for knowledge management, providing in-depth research, on-going support, expert advice, and effective training programs that aim to facilitate customers’ projects.

The AI and ML Center is a business accelerator within a company. It will help Intellias customers gain additional benefits on each stage of the development process and optimize the entire project lifecycle:

  • improve retention with enhanced professional development;
  • ensure better results with people who continuously develop their skills;
  • achieve predetermined goals faster with the combined expertise.
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