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Innovative Digital Wallet for Mobile Cashless Payments

We’re integrating a digital wallet with the world’s largest banks and payment networks to promote the Europe-wide adoption of the QR technology

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Project highlights

  • Enable QR code based payments
  • Integrate Alipay mobile payment services into European systems
  • Ensure seamless and secure transactions
FinTech, Retail
Team size:
2 members
December 2018 - ongoing

Business challenge

Our client is an innovator of QR payment technologies and one of the official providers of Alipay, China’s biggest payment processor. The company encountered remarkable growth in establishing Europe’s own QR code payment framework. With over 100 European partner banks and 20,000 retail locations in their network, the company was seeking to establish a partnership with a trusted technology and consulting company.

What added to the challenge was the upcoming integration of our client’s solution with the Alipay mobile payment services. The European rollout of a QR code format supported by our client’s system would allow merchants to offer European consumers a straightforward and easy-to-use QR-based payment system.

To ensure seamless and timely integration of a digital wallet, our client has selected Intellias as the company of proven mobile payment expertise and technological innovation.
Innovative Digital Wallet for Mobile Cashless Payments

Solution delivered

Our team has been working on an integrated QR code based payment system. The B2C solution benefits banks, e-wallets, payment platforms, retailers, and consumers by allowing fast and secure transactions via a smartphone or smart watch. The user connects their bank account with the system and completes the transaction with a one-time scan. No personal data or bank details ever enter the system which makes it completely anonymous and safe. The solution can be smoothly integrated into banking applications, cash registers, vending machines, and retailer loyalty rewards programs.

Our client’s mobile QR platform helps merchants interact with consumers more efficiently, speeding up the payment processes, cutting down point-of-sale (POS) equipment costs, and enabling customers to use their preferred method to pay abroad. Its integration with other QR systems, including Alipay mobile payment services, allows these systems to use its European infrastructure to get access to all participating stores and retail chains. As a result, users can enjoy exceptional customer experiences, while traders win more buyers.

Along with our client’s team, it took us two months to understand the inner workings of the Alipay platform, adapt our system to meet the Alipay requirements, and complete the integration.

Intellias is also responsible for the Clearing and Settlement system integrated with the largest banks of the DACH region. The application serves as a linking chain between the acquirer and the bank and will process and finalize all the transactions by the end of the working day.

As the number of partners and endpoints on our client’s network map is ever increasing, our team is constantly working on integrations with new banks, payment gateways and merchants. We use Apache Camel as our main tool for implementing integrations with the full spectrum of mobile payment and retail banking systems.

Business outcome

Our team has already made tangible contributions to the implementation of our client’s innovative mobile payment solution. Among them is the integration with the Alipay system that has made our client one of the official representatives of Alipay in Europe. This step change will offer Chinese tourists the convenience of paying for their shopping directly from the Alipay app and bring millions of buyers to European retailers.

Our partnership is constantly growing as our client continues to team up with new banks, e-wallet platforms, and merchant organizations. We have been providing integration with new partners’ systems, supporting the company in extending their presence throughout Europe.

Following our client’s coverage expansion masterplan, Intellias will continue to provide high-class software development services to enhance their banking solution. Satisfied with our work, our client has recently recommended Intellias to another Austrian company as a reliable and capable IT partner.

The solution we’re developing brings these advantages to merchants:

  • Offer buyers a simple, fast, and more convenient mobile payment option
  • Save costs for advanced POS equipment
  • Minimize transaction fees
  • Provide secure payments and prevent frauds
  • Accept payments with Alipay
  • Allows QR code based payments
  • Increase sales and turnovers, reaching new customer markets
  • Link customer loyalty programs to mobile cashless payments
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