Connected Driving: Surviving the Latest Technology Disruption

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The gap between consumers demand for safety and OEMs connectivity offers is jeopardizing OEM market participants. OEMs are no longer the leading disruptors of the automotive industry. The rules of the game are changing. Technology companies like Google and Apple are leading the charge towards the future of transportation.

To combat this paradigm shift in the market, Tier 1 vendors can level the playing field for OEMs. Complex integration of multipurpose platforms overcome the hurdles OEMs face. Tier 1 vendors who can deliver connected car solutions for over-the-air (OTA) updates, predictive maintenance, and V2X connectivity features, help OEMs keep their competitive position.

This report investigates the common challenges Tier 1 vendors may face by becoming complex integrators, but more importantly, how to solve them.

Connected Driving whitepaper

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