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What’s New in Tech Today? Intellias Recap of CES 2019

Discover the hottest trends and topics discussed at CES that will shape the tech of 2019 and beyond

January 16, 2019

7 mins read

From January 8 through January 11, 2019, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcased breakthrough technologies that will shape the future and gathered tech trendsetters from across the globe.

This year’s CES impressed with numbers: 2.9 million square feet of exhibition space, 24 marketplaces, 33 product categories, 11 official venues, around 4,500 exhibiting companies, more than 250 conference sessions, and 185,000 attendees from 150 countries.

It was huge, and Intellias experts were there to capture its best moments.

Victor Haydin, a regular attendee at automotive conferences across the globe, noted the most exciting trends and solutions at CES 2019. Now he’s ready to share his insights on what will define the future of technology.

For over 50 years, CES has been a global stage for next-generation tech. The conference is a perfect place for companies to introduce their latest innovations and position themselves as industry leaders. This year, CES wowed me once again.

Victor Haydin, Growing Technology Business at Intellias

So, what’s new in tech today and what will it look like tomorrow? Let’s find out based on products and trends that Victor Haydin spotted at CES 2019.

What’s New in Tech Today? Intellias Recap of CES 2019


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Highlights and news from Las Vegas

What’s New in Tech Today? Intellias Recap of CES 2019

More than 1,100 industry visionaries came to #CES2019 where next-generation innovations were introduced to the marketplace.

CES 2019 official Twitter account

What’s New in Tech Today? Intellias Recap of CES 2019

Mobility is spreading and everything is becoming connected. In 2018, tech solutions evolved into more intelligent services. Smartphones, wearables, home assistants, and smart fridges are progressing into intelligent equipment, even smarter homes, connected city infrastructure, and autonomous vehicles.

Even though CES attracts attendees with robots and smart appliances, the conference is also one of the world’s greatest vehicle shows. Automotive and transportation take up the lion’s share of the conference each year.

Once again, big names in auto manufacturing, tech giants, and promising startups showcased their game-changing automotive solutions at CES 2019. Crazy ideas and concepts, vehicle debuts, and car innovations grabbed visitors’ attention throughout CES. Connectivity, electrification, and autonomy were confirmed to be the new realities in automotive.


Electric cars, connected systems, augmented reality, flying cars… #CES2019 showed that we’re already working on tomorrow’s transportation.

Eric Velfre, Senior Vice President of the Compute & Networking Division EMEA at Dell EMC

Automakers strived to show how they’re transforming technology for the moving world. From cubes on wheels to cars on legs, from electric hatchbacks to flying taxis, CES displayed 2019 as the year of in-vehicle connectivity, which has already started posing challenges to existing infrastructure.

Here’s our quick run-through of the most significant automotive news we saw in Las Vegas.

What’s New in Tech Today? Intellias Recap of CES 2019
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Who said “autonomous”? Actually, everyone!

This year, CES exhibitors were crazy about self-driving innovations.

What’s New in Tech Today? Intellias Recap of CES 2019

With the ongoing buzz about autonomous tech, it’s no surprise CES 2019 was full of it. Century-old car manufacturers as well as world-leading tech companies introduced brand-new driverless vehicles. The industry is pushing self-driving cars as safe and convenient technology today.

Autonomous demos come in all shapes and sizes during #CES2019.

HERE Technologies via Twitter

One of the near-future autonomous technologies was displayed by BMW. The company’s self-riding motorbike impressed the audience with adaptive cruise control and automated emergency braking. BMW sees the future of automotive as including mandatory advanced rider-aid systems that could help beginners learn how to ride safer and allow more professional riders to push the limits of their performance.

There was even a self-driving truck at the exhibition.

What’s New in Tech Today? Intellias Recap of CES 2019

Continental also rolled their CUbE autonomous vehicle — Continental Urban mobility Experience — onto the conference floor. With CUbE, Continental is pioneering robo-taxi technology and is planning to start trials in Frankfurt, Germany.

Among self-driving vehicles CES attendees could check out were the Audi E-Tron, Nissan Leaf E-Plus, and Bosch Autonomous Concept Shuttle.

What’s New in Tech Today? Intellias Recap of CES 2019

AEV Robotics MVS went further and introduced a one-size-fits-all solution — a unique platform for driverless cars. The platform itself is a modular vehicle system stuffed with programmable, intelligent solutions that will help automakers create autonomous vehicles faster. Car manufacturers can either buy a standard platform or order a custom one.

What’s New in Tech Today? Intellias Recap of CES 2019

Today, companies are literally battling for dominant positions on the roads of the future, striving to develop the most innovative solutions to ease both driving and urban traffic.

What’s New in Tech Today? Intellias Recap of CES 2019
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Beyond roads — when the sky is no longer the limit

CES 2018 surprised the world with drones that can be used for flight, farming and agriculture, military use, and airspace security. This year, Bell presented a bit larger of a machine that can occupy the sky — a flying taxi.

What’s New in Tech Today? Intellias Recap of CES 2019

Helicopters aren’t typical showpieces at CES, but the newly unveiled Bell Helicopter electric taxi caused a real buzz. The flying cab has a tech-forward cabin and six rotors that will propel passengers through the air to their destinations.

The air-taxi is fully packed with infotainment and connectivity technologies: Wi-Fi, artificial intelligence, wireless charging, video call systems, and many more features that tech-savvy consumers could only love. With its collection of modern services, the Bell Helicopter air-taxi is the perfect place to work while getting around or just relaxing and enjoying the view.

As space at the ground level becomes limited, we must solve transportation challenges in the vertical dimension – and that’s where Bell’s on-demand mobility vision takes hold.

Mitch Snyder, President and CEO of Bell

The air-taxi has six smart electric motors and is powered by on-board batteries and a gas turbine that runs an electrical generator. They enable the propellers to provide the lift and speed necessary for flight control.

The Bell Taxi is expected to soar into the air in mid-2020.

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Tomorrow comes today

The forward-looking CES 2019 was chock-full of futuristic vehicles that will totally blow your mind.

Mercedes-Benz, for example, presented its Vision URBANETIC — a revolutionary mobility concept for an autonomous vehicle of the future. The automaker offers two variants of what the vehicle would look like. Vision URBANETIC is a self-driving platform with switchable bodies:

  • A people-mover body will serve as a ride-sharing vehicle with enough room for up to twelve passengers.
  • A cargo module will transport goods. It’s easily transformed into two levels, and with a load space length of 3.70 meters, the Vision URBANETIC platform makes the maximum use of space.

What’s New in Tech Today? Intellias Recap of CES 2019

Mercedes-Benz claims their innovative vehicle will reduce traffic, advance city infrastructure, and enhance urban life with zero emissions and noiseless mobility. We’ll be able to check it out no earlier than in 2020. That’s the year Mercedes-Benz plans to roll out Vision URBANETIC on roads.

One of the weirdest concepts was introduced by Hyundai, whose futuristic go-anywhere vehicle with legs made a splash at the show.

The Hyundai Elevate prototype displayed at CES 2019 is the “world’s first walking car.” The vehicle, or whatever we should call this robot-looking machine, is able to switch between driving and walking modes (just like Transformers). Elevate can both ride on usual roads and climb over rocky terrain.

The concept, first of all, should be useful as first-aid transport. In disaster zones where a usual car just can’t get through, Hyundai Elevate could use its agile legs. As the first hours after any disaster are the most critical, Hyundai designed Elevate to reach faraway places faster than any other off-road vehicle.

Ukraine at CES 2019

What’s New in Tech Today? Intellias Recap of CES 2019

CES 2019 was a hub for innovative solutions and forward-looking ideas. The conference even had startup exhibitions divided into pavilions by country of origin.

We’re proud that the Ukraine Tech Pavilion also presented groundbreaking solutions and gathered crowds at this large-scale conference. Eight Ukrainian startups represented the country at CES 2019. These companies displayed various ideas and development concepts, including lighting for photo studios and a 3D food printer. The pavilion was established to showcase the ability of Ukrainian tech products to impress the global market.



Wow, it was awesome!

Technology evolves faster than we can integrate it into our lives. But CES 2019 proved that tech giants are looking for actionable concepts that will connect various industries, businesses, and, most importantly, people, with technology. Take the automotive industry: demand for tech solutions has never been higher. At CES, automakers demonstrated their readiness to adapt to the autonomous-first world.

The Consumer Electronics Show is already asking people to save the date for the next conference. We’re getting ready for next year’s CES and buying our tickets to Las Vegas for January 7–10, 2020.

Contact our expert, Victor Haydin, to discover how innovations displayed at CES 2019 could help you solve business challenges. Also, as one of Top Ukraine Software Companies, Intellias will easily match your current needs with actionable solutions on market. 

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