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For whom Technology Office works the best

We discover technological solutions for complex business challenges of self-sustainable enterprises whose main focus is quite far from innovation. Our technological guidance paves the way for established companies to retain and spread the love for already marketable products. We lead pioneering startups to leap ahead from early ideation to market success without spilling out a drop of their product spirit. Wherever digital transformation has already taken you, we guide the way out to the top-performing business you always meant to be.

Multi-Level Enterprises

Your core business is massive, and you know it will only grow in the years ahead. You’re dealing with multiple stakeholders to maintain multiple products used by customers and within your company. You’re great at analyzing business objectives. But what about technological innovation? Our mission is to translate your business goals into technological solutions. We’ll help you clearly understand the correlation between resources spent on IT and the impact on your core business. We’ll also advise you on the optimal tech stack or platform to streamline development. Technological guidance provided by the Intellias Technology Office is your ticket to hassle-free IT transformation, which is overtaking the enterprise sector.

Complex Products

You’ve achieved success, but with time, your product has gained complexity. Now you’re cautious about adding new features but still need to keep up with customers’ demands for innovation. While the chase for the market has cooled off, you need to ensure your product’s viability and security. You’re looking for a partner to keep your product sharp and running by overcoming bottlenecks that cause unstable performance, inefficient operations, and security breakdowns. You may benefit from our service reliability engineering, which guarantees your solution is available to a growing user base who will spread the word about its quality.

Pioneering Startups

Your product idea is marvelous and has proven to solve users’ real-life struggles. But you’re still in a hit and run mode, looking for crumbs of certainty and chasing the elusive time to market. For you, our initial goal will be to assess how your present development process aligns with your desired pace and quality. Next, we’ll offer expertise to increase your development speed while maintaining the intended quality. Under these conditions, you’ll get the most out of our complete solution development guidance and DevOps advising for a fluent transition from brilliant idea to tangible feature. You’ll remain in control of your production at all times but without headaches.

Boost your technology innovation

What you get from Technology Office

Solution Engineering

Build a technology solution for complex business problems from scratch with a set of efficient development services. Involve high-end professionals to assess your current solution, discover a contemporary technological vision, and cover full-cycle product development.

IT advisory and DevOps

Streamline your IT transformation with technology guidance, service reliability engineering, and a solution operation strategy. Embrace a DevOps culture within your IT organization by evaluating development resources and adopting optimal cloud platforms.

Data intelligence

Draw additional value from your business assets by structuring and analyzing enriched data across your organization. Implement advanced technologies like big data, computer vision, and machine learning to eliminate routine tasks and make smarter decisions.


Ensure your systems are secure from outside and inside threats by assessing corporate security and establishing a secure SDLC. Our cybersecurity consulting reinforces your defenses against known and emerging fraud, leaks, bugs, and cyberattacks.

Centers of Excellence

Take advantage of expertise accumulated across our entire organization to reach tech-related objectives faster. Our Centers of Excellence unite top professionals within Intellias to provide leadership and technological guidance at each stage of development.

Experience design

Starting with product discovery, move up to human-centered design embodied in a user-tested prototype interface. Our UI/UX design services are the cornerstone of an efficient customer retention strategy based on creating an engaging user experience.

Technology Office along your journey



  • Assess IT organization
  • Evaluate technology choice
  • Optimize processes
  • Frame new solution


  • Guide digital transformation
  • Build solution architecture
  • Design prototype
  • Implement advanced technologies


  • Adopt cloud and DevOps
  • Design highly available system
  • Automate infrastructure
  • Deliver continuous updates

Success storiesView all case studies

Technology assessment for a digital bank

A digital bank from the UAE has been revolutionizing online banking with cloud-native and serverless applications. They required comprehensive technology assessment of their existing development processes, systems configuration, and integration of platform components. Based on the client’s needs, we’ve assessed their IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, testing and DevOps practices as well as operational readiness. After the assessment, we came up with tech-related recommendations to balance IT investments and accelerate business growth.

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Product discovery for a trip sharing platform

A fast-growing Norwegian tech company aimed at transforming their existing travel solution into a Transport as a Service trip sharing platform. They asked us to conduct in-depth research of customers’ technological needs, define the optimal platform architecture, design wireframes, and build a clickable prototype of the web interface. The client received a clear tech vision for future product development with prioritized features, defined user scenarios, and a clickable prototype that ensures an enjoyable user journey when customers book the trip of their dreams.

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Tech consulting to streamline business flows

A US-based enterprise manufacturer with 1,100 tire and truck service centers globally has been undergoing digital transformation of their operational services. They required our technological guidance to automate document management, streamline the overall tire management lifecycle, and improve the UI of their applications. Moving beyond regular updates to their legacy solutions, we conducted in-depth research of employees’ workflows to discover how to integrate our client’s apps into a seamless ecosystem that’s convenient for users.

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Remote assessment for tech decisions

A premium resort chain offering leisure and entertainment services across Asia, Australia, and Europe needed to modernize their global employee management system. We initiated a remote solution assessment to overcome travel limitations during the pandemic. To do this, we established three streams for business, technology, and design analysis. During the assessment, we defined employees’ workflows and came up with a high-level architecture and feature-rich prototype that can withstand many users while staying cost-efficient for the client.

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Technology roadmap for database migration

An enterprise-level online retailer has been shifting to a new marketplace platform and needed to migrate their entire database of 4 million items that supported 2.5 million visitors per day. Their main concern was the round-the-clock availability of their platform during ever-growing peak loads. We started with evaluating the client’s IT infrastructure and internal processes to lead our client through technological transformation step by step. Along the way, we’ve been nurturing a DevOps culture within their IT organization while guiding data migration.

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