Sustainable Agriculture:
From Tech Solutions to Ecosystem

The seeds of change are vigorously sprouting, and farmers are seeking greater yields.

A growing population is craving more food, but resources are running out. Meanwhile, climate changes are affecting agriculture in irreversible ways. Many breakthrough solutions are around the corner, but few farmers are prepared to adopt innovations in agriculture at the scale necessary to respond to global challenges.

This whitepaper is a guide for AgriTech innovators on how to combine discrete agricultural technologies into borderless ecosystems to help farmers solve both the unique business challenges of today and the global challenges of tomorrow.

By reading this guide, you will learn:

  • What drives the need for technology in agriculture industry today?
  • What agriculture technologies are already within farmers’ grasp?
  • How can you combine separate technologies into a single ecosystem that facilitates a future of agriculture sustainability?
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Where one solution isn’t enough, an ecosystem can thrive

Exploring the gaps in farmer’s abilities to scale agriculture technologies, we see untapped potential for AgriTech companies. Borderless ecosystems are required to unite discrete technologies into comprehensive platforms that are accessible for farmers. This will eliminate farmers’ frustrations about switching to completely different solutions every time they add new technology to their farming operations.


An ecosystem of farming technologies changes the game for AgriTech companies by

Accumulating greater value through platform integrations

Tightening the connection to customers’ needs

Reimagining partner relationships

Allowing data to flow from everywhere

Enabling the adoption of new cooperation models

Providing access to cross-industry experience

Supporting enormous growth of the customer base

Creating an open marketplace for data and capabilities

Build a technology ecosystem to better serve farmers’ needs

Put the right agriculture technology into farmers’ hands. We hear this from everywhere. What’s crucial is how we combine technologies, so they enable synergy between AgriTech providers and farmers in fighting for the sustainable future of agriculture.

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