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Ruby development services we offer

Web & mobile APIs

Develop custom APIs for easy integration between your solution and third-party services.

Enterprise Ruby on Rails projects

Create complex solutions containing more than 300,000 lines of code.

Product from scratch

Iterate and cover full-cycle development from idea to a marketable product.

MVP development

Deliver an MVP quickly to validate ideas and perform user testing as early as possible.

Microservices architecture

Adapt to various markets by scaling and maintaining complex solutions with ease.

Ruby on Rails migration

Migrate legacy solutions or monolithic architectures to flexible microservices.

Additional benefits you get when working with Intellias:

CI/CD best practices
Automate processes and improve quality by applying DevOps expertise.

Fast ramp-up and scaling
Extend development capacity fast with an Intelligent Dedicated Team.

Experienced tech talent
Win by tapping into our experience in technologies and processes reinforced by our Centers of Excellence.

Client-centered mindset
Reach senior engineers who write each line of code with business value in mind.

Access tech talent to accelerate your business

Technology expertise


Client experience View all case studies

Web and mobile APIs built with Ruby on Rails

We’ve augmented the engineering team of a German digital-only bank to ensure easy payment integration with Apple Pay/Google Pay, Mastercard/Visa, loan providers, and other third-party services.

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Scalable microservices architecture on RoR

Our team built the backend for a mobile app that allows users to set up private online accounts to access digital Mastercard/Visa services for transferring money to phone numbers, email and social media contacts.

Learn more Scalable microservices architecture on RoR

RoR-based API for cash deposits and withdrawals

The Intellias team customized existing two-factor authentication processes for payouts and introduced secure NFC payments thanks to integration with digital Mastercard security services.

Learn more RoR-based API for cash deposits and withdrawals

Learn more about Intellias

Faster development doesn’t always mean higher quality. The Intellias approach is different. Our senior engineers apply their own expertise in technologies and processes and shared community knowledge to validate ideas, minimize mistakes, and come up with tangible results. That’s how we accelerate development. Get to know Intellias and what we stand for.
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One RoR development company for all types of solutions

Intellias has been providing Ruby on Rails development services since the technology’s first release, and we’ve delivered dozens of high-performance, high-load web solutions with powerful backends. Thanks to our extensive software engineering expertise, our Ruby on Rails development company can help design and implement truly innovative, robust solutions that address your most pressing business needs.

Why Ruby on Rails is one of the best web technologies today

Ruby on Rails is an end-to-end web development framework optimized for short build cycles and rapid app development. Today, RoR is used by such world-renowned websites and companies like Airbnb, Crunchbase, GitHub, SoundCloud, Bloomberg and many more.
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Wide industry support

Ruby is a free framework supported by a large international community of software developers and developers’ associations, which allows it to stay up-to-date and aligned with the latest trends in web development. In addition, the very fact that hundreds of high-ranking online services and websites rely on RoR for serving millions of users guarantees that the technology is here to stay.

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Innate security

RoR comes with a decent number of security features right out of the box, all enabled by default for your convenience. In addition, Ruby on Rails pairs very well with Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL), test driven development (TDD) and behavior-driven development (BDD) approaches that are steadily gaining popularity in the market, especially in industries where data security is strongly prioritized.

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One of the core principles of Ruby on Rails is called Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY). This dictates the need to minimize or eliminate repetitive code fragments, which greatly facilitates the support of complex web solutions. On top of that, Ruby’s easy-to-read and almost English-like syntax is perfect for jobs where speed is of the essence, as developers can achieve much more with fewer lines of code.

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Ease of maintenance

Ruby on Rails is known for its outstanding simplicity. Developers appreciate its straightforwardness, ease of learning and the availability of multiple plugins, extensions and “gems” — feature libraries that make adding an extra twist to a webpage a walk in the park. All of this also substantially facilitates future maintenance by non-original developers and even junior developers just starting with RoR.

When does it make the most sense to use Ruby on Rails?

Although RoR is a multi-purpose technology suitable for a wide range of projects, there are situations where it truly shines.

You are a startup and need to make smart choices

RoR is a perfect solution for budget-conscious startups that need cost-effective, flexible technology that will enable them to quickly achieve their milestones as well as swiftly pivot in the right direction without making major investments.


You need to launch an MVP ASAP

Unparalleled speed of development, excellent suitability for comprehensive test automation, and security by design make RoR a tool of choice for companies looking for a way to validate hypotheses by building functional MVPs.


You have a non-standard idea in mind

If an idea you are planning to turn into an app is fairly complex and requires constant scope adjustments, RoR will become an invaluable tool that will allow you to quickly regroup and add new features via “gems” and other extensions.

Getting familiar with Ruby on Rails - FAQ

What’s the difference between Ruby and Ruby on Rails?
The answer is fairly simple: Ruby is a popular high-level programming language (object-oriented, interpreted, dynamic) developed in the ‘90s, whereas Ruby on Rails or RoR is a Ruby-based framework for developing web applications. They are not synonyms, but they are very closely related. Typically, any custom RoR app development company can work with both technologies.
Is Ruby on Rails a popular technology these days?
Very much so. RoR was chosen by a large number of websites and services familiar to us all. Here are just a few: Stripe Shopify GitHub Hulu Etsy Heroku SlideShare Crunchbase Netflix
Is there a sufficient number of RoR developers out there?
No doubt about it. Ruby on Rails is relatively easy to learn and it attracts many novice developers who soon become proficient enough to take care of support and maintenance and can develop their own applications shortly afterwards. There is no deficit of qualified RoR developers these days, so you won’t have to spend months looking for one or pay top money for every new hire. If hiring is not on your agenda, you can always order Ruby on Rails web development services from a reliable company.
Does Ruby on Rails require an specific environment to run in?
Absolutely not. RoR runs on Linux and applications written in Ruby on Rails can be easily deployed on 99.9% of hosting platforms.
Are custom Ruby on Rails development services expensive?
The cost of RoR development services is generally in line with other similar technologies. Even more important: thanks to RoR’s simple syntax and availability of countless extensions and ready components, the speed of development is usually faster than that with other languages, allowing you to save money on every project.

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