Next-Gen Experience: Intellias Releases Whitepaper on Vehicle HMIs

Intellias presents an expert approach to creating next-gen user experiences with digital cockpits

In May 2022, Intellias, a global technology enabler and partner to top-tier companies, presented a new automotive whitepaper titled “Next-Gen User Experiences: How to Build Them with Digital Cockpits.”

The whitepaper presents an expert outlook on the entire HMI ecosystem and its subsystems, introducing technologies and solutions to consider when planning and executing an HMI strategy. In their report, Intellias showcases how a properly designed vehicle HMI can not only benefit drivers and passengers but allows car manufacturers to stand out in a dynamic and highly competitive market.

Since the software is one of the critical elements of the user experience, HMI is no longer a mere in-vehicle control panel to perform essential functions. The human-machine interface is becoming the central hub for vehicle users to access vehicle data, find entertainment, and engage in their digital lives. As a hardware- and software-agnostic expert in HMI development, Intellias brings deep expertise and multi-year experience to create a comprehensive, insight-packed study with practical advice.

“Next-Gen User Experiences: How to Build Them with Digital Cockpits” whitepaper describes and analyzes:

  • Automotive trends and landscape
  • Customer-centricity in the development process
  • Hardware platforms
  • Operating systems
  • Hypervisors and container technologies
  • In-vehicle connectivity

With mobility becoming a key differentiator of the global economy, automakers have to adjust their strategies and offer unique solutions that distinguish their brands. The Intellias whitepaper includes a proven step-by-step framework for creating an exceptional in-vehicle user experience. Car manufacturers can use it to upgrade their offering and gain a competitive advantage with tech-powered HMI features.

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