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Our mobile app development services

At Intellias, we pull together experts across domains to enhance your products and make them market-ready with custom mobile app development services. We follow all stages a custom mobile app development company should execute: analyze your market needs, assemble team of developers, designers, and testers, and even publish your application to app stores or corporate network.
  • Web app extension

    Web app extension

    Take your business on the go by extending your web presence with mobile development services

  • Cross-platform app development

    Cross-platform app development

    Share code across platforms without sacrificing functionality or performance of your custom mobile app

  • Native mobile app development

    Native mobile app development

    Provide custom mobile development solutions and experiences tailored specifically to iOS or Android users

  • Wearables and smart devices

    Wearables and smart devices

    Implement mobile app development solutions for Apple TV, smartwatches, cars, and smart homes

  • Payment integration

    Payment integration

    Mobile development services to let customers choose among convenient payment options

  • Proof of concept

    Proof of concept

    Validate mobile app prototype with UX/UI design and technical specs to reduce market risk

  • Maintenance and support

    Maintenance and support

    Get technical support for existing mobile solution, including updates and bug fixes

Let’s bring your product to every device


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Success storiesView all case studies

iOS and Android language learning apps

For an educational startup from Austria named Alphary, we designed and developed language learning applications for iOS and Android platforms. We covered user research, rapid prototyping, scalable architecture, and AI-based backend development to speed up time to market of the product. The apps got recognition from Oxford University Press, and we created several rebranded versions for new customers interested in the implementation of the Alphary’s solution for language learning.

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Mobile apps for vocabulary acquisition

Phase6 required to extend their desktop solution for vocabulary acquisition to mobile and web platforms, making it accessible on any device. We built Android and iOS apps using Java and Swift, and a web app on JavaScript. Our designers created initial wireframes with continuous updates of the app’s design aligned with recent trends in UX. Intellias continues to ship new features to the apps’ functionality implementing the latest technologies and ensuring reliable DevOps infrastructure.

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Mobile banking system for fast and secure operations

We helped the first digital bank in Germany integrate a custom mobile banking system for their end client. We reinforced our client’s team and helped to implement the mobile app features required by the end client. The Intellias team accelerated the development of a robust payment processing platform for secure online payments and money transfers that also keeps track of each transaction. Intellias experts developed the backend of the mobile application, using emerging Banking as a Service (BaaS) business model.

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Collaborative platform for health guidance

To help our client, a government software provider operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Healthcare, enable digital transformation of the national medical sector, we committed to build a holistic centralized platform that would connect all siloed medical systems and departments into a single healthcare environment. Intellias helped to design and build a one-stop telehealth solution that would help women navigate pregnancy and parenthood.

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Digital wallet for mobile cashless payments

We’re integrating a digital wallet with the world’s largest banks and payment networks to promote the Europe-wide adoption of the QR technology. Our team has been working on an integrated QR code based payment system. The B2C solution benefits banks, e-wallets, payment platforms, retailers, and consumers by allowing fast and secure transactions via a smartphone or smart watch. The solution can be smoothly integrated into banking applications, cash registers, vending machines, and retailer loyalty rewards programs.

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Apple Pay and Google Pay services for payment processing platform

Both Apple and Google have already introduced contactless payments via phones for their users’ comfort and for faster transactions. Our client, the first fully digital bank in Germany, asked for our expert help to integrate Apple Pay and Google Pay services. With the help of Intellias, our client managed to become one of the first banks to roll out Apple Pay and Google Pay services in Germany. Contactless mobile payments are now available to all the bank’s retail and business customers with Mastercard.

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Business on the go with mobile development services

Better visibility

Smartphones have revolutionized people’s day-to-day lives. Going mobile helps businesses broaden market coverage, increase visibility, and bring value to demanding customers. Custom mobile app development services can help a business set up long-lasting relationships with customers no matter where they are, even offline.

A company without a competitive and engaging business app risks missing out on a valuable market segment. On top of that, users see brands without apps as failing to keep up with modern trends. Mobile app development solutions take companies to a new level of performance and let them meet valuable business and industry needs. For any company, a mobile app is another powerful step toward building stable connections and remaining in touch with consumers.

New revenue channels

Today’s tech-savvy consumers want their needs to be satisfied on the go. This includes purchasing goods and ordering services through a mobile app rather than a website. That’s why developing a mobile application is a wise investment. Custom mobile application development services provide a return on investment and can increase conversion rates.

Mobile business applications can increase a company’s profits by reaching thousands of customers worldwide. A custom mobile app development company can help a business establish a new revenue channel. Letting users shop and order through a fast and intuitive mobile app motivates them to buy more, leading to a larger revenue stream.

Increased customer engagement

When building channels to smoothly reach consumers, businesses often don’t consider how much effort it takes for consumers to reach their brands. A high-performance mobile app helps users access brands, goods, and services more quickly. It also allows businesses to engage with their customers better by putting their offerings just a tap away.

Regular interactions with a brand through an application can help companies boost customer trust and loyalty. Agile custom mobile development is a proven way to create an app for flexible and effective engagement with users. Mobile development services empower companies to send push notifications, support app-based incentive programs, and offer valuable rewards to get people to return to their apps regularly.

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