​Michael Puzrakov on Intellias in Die Welt Interview​

Michael Puzrakov, COO at Intellias, speaks about the company’s evolution, competitive advantage, and growth strategies.

May 21, 2019

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Michael Puzrakov, COO and co-founder of Intellias, a leading software development services provider, gave an interview to German daily Die Welt, which is known as a global voice for all aspects of political, economic, social, and cultural life. As part of the paper’s series featuring inspiring success stories of prominent Ukrainian leaders who are driving the country forward, Die Welt spoke with Michael to hear his insights on what gives Intellias a competitive edge and his vision for the company’s growth.

Launched in 2002, Intellias has evolved into a major software engineering player, enjoying partnerships with top European and North American technology companies. Constantly listed in national rankings of best IT employers, Intellias counts over 1,100 engineers and offers flexible access to a sizable pool of IT professionals, supporting its partners’ most challenging projects. Initially focused on the German market, the company is consistently expanding its delivery centers and client map.

In his interview with Die Welt, Michael Puzrakov elaborates on the two main business models adopted by Intellias. The company offers a large spectrum of team extension services, wherein Intellias provides highly capable engineers to supplement its clients’ in-house teams. Another service model offers dedicated teams that take full ownership of the development process.

We take full responsibility and take ownership of the product, covering all the disciplines of product development.

Michael Puzrakov, COO and co-founder of Intellias

Michael goes on to explain what gives Intellias a strategic advantage on the international market. In addition to deep engineering expertise, the company’s success can be attributed to an unshakable client focus, a commitment to delivering quality services, and vast experience with Western partners. Furthermore, amid a shortage of engineering talent in the industry, Intellias’ year-on-year growth is driven by the company’s significant investments to attract and retain world class tech experts.

What’s really unique about Intellias is our ability to hire people very quickly because of our good working conditions for employees and professional skills in talent acquisition. Fast team scaling is one of the major advantages for our clients, who often need big development teams in a short time.

Michael Puzrakov, COO and co-founder of Intellias

​Michael also looks back on the driving factors behind the choice of the DACH countries as Intellias’ core market and sheds some light on the most likely growth strategy in the future. He then talks about the favorable business climate in Ukraine, the IT industry’s resilience to corruption, and how the city of Lviv has emerged as a prominent tech hub. ​

I would invite anyone who is interested in doing business in Lviv to come and see the city, see the people, and visit local companies.

Michael Puzrakov, COO and co-founder of Intellias

In October 2018, Horizon Capital, a US private equity firm that invests in high-growth businesses in Ukraine, acquired a stake in Intellias. The company can now capitalize on Horizon’s support with networking, business development, corporate governance, funding, and strategic planning. This backing will allow Intellias to broaden its scope of services and enhance its delivery capacity to the benefit of both clients and employees.

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