Meet Intellias Experts Speaking at IT Arena 2021

Vitaly Sedler, Michael Labate, Denys Fedenko, and Volodymyr Shynkar will speak at the IT Arena conference in October, 2021

October 05, 2021

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On October 7-9, four Intellias experts will represent the company in the IT Arena 2021 speakers
lineup — Vitaly Sedler, CEO and co-founder of Intellias; Michael Labate, President of North America at Intellias; Denys Fedenko, Delivery Manager in the automotive segment at Intellias; Volodymyr Shynkar, Senior Lead DevOps Engineer at Intellias.

IT Arena 2021 will take place in Lviv, Ukraine, as a hybrid event, hosting on-stage presentations, panel discussions, meetups, workshops, and startup competitions both in offline and online modes. More than 4,000 event attendees will hear from the 88 world’s best technologists and business leaders, immerse into over 75 hours of unique content, and discover growth hacks from 100+ startups.

Intellias is a regular contributor to IT Arena, having sponsored, co-organized, and participated in the conference for several years in a row. Meet the Intellias experts, speaking at the event on October 7 and October 9.

On October 7, Michael Labate will give a speech titled
“EDI in the DNA: Why Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) Must be Embedded in the Corporate Mission, Vision, and Strategy.” Michael will explain why Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) is more than a policy or program. Employers that commit to ED&I principles experience more significant innovation and creativity, broader access to unique skills, create an environment of success for their people and customers, and drive more sustainable growth for the company. He will share a data-driven approach to why ED&I must be deeply embedded in the corporate culture and to adopting ED&I principles in the workplace.

On October 9, Intellias CEO Vitaly Sedler will participate in the panel discussion on “Employment via Diia City.” Being also president of the IT Ukraine Organization and one of the pioneers in the Ukrainian IT industry, Vitaly will share his expert thoughts and valuable insights on the new employment format to be deployed in the country — GIG-contracts.

On October 9 as well, Intellias delivery manager Denys Fedenko will join one of the event’s tech meetups to represent his speech titled “Why There Is NO Autonomy Without EV Routing.” Denys will explain that autonomous driving (AD) has no future without autonomous charging. AD and e-vehicles are cohesive elements. Many vendors associate autonomous driving with sensors, perception, and decision-making, whereas little attention is given to electric vehicle (EV) navigation. The Intellias automotive expert will highlight critical differences between EV and traditional routing and overview key EV features.

On the same day, Intellias DevOps engineer Volodymyr Shynkar will conduct one of the tech workshops with his speech titled “Progressive Delivery for Kubernetes with GitOps Approach.” His topic will reveal and compare different approaches to using ArgoCD and Argo Rollout products. Volodymyr will explain how to ship code faster, reduce risk, and continuously improve customer experience using GitOps, Canary strategy, and zero-downtime releases for Kubernetes. Together with the audience, Volodymyr Shynkar will test apps with these tools on a live demo.

In 2021, after a year of virtual, IT Arena aims to create unparalleled opportunities for live networking and business matchmaking. Divided into four tracks — Startup, Business, Technology, and Product — the event brings together people who tackle challenges and drive change in particular domains.

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