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Drive technology transformations

Companies capable of capitalizing on emerging technology innovation have an inevitable advantage over businesses in a deadlock with outmoded systems, processes, and IT architectures. Stop operating on borrowed time — bring your IT capabilities up to speed and meet market demands.
Intellias IT transformation services help our clients close the gap between enterprise IT capabilities and business function demands. Our goal is to help you realize exceptional value from every tech investment and outpace the speed of disruption. Obtain a roadmap for pursuing progressive modernization, new platform adoption and development, infrastructure performance, and cost optimization.


New market entrants, changes in consumer behavior, and economic conditions drive expectations among business users.


The gap: IT organization not capable to support business digital demand


Legacy systems, technical dept, and suboptimal operational processes stand in the way of meeting the increased demands.

Impact of the gap between business and IT

  • Slow time to market for crucial IT projects
  • Outdated technologies delaying execution
  • High potential of security breaches
  • Market positions lost to competition
  • Overspending on IT infrastructure
  • Unstable IT performance jeopardizing SLAs

Our approach

Intellias digital transformation services include consulting. We’ll do a deep dive technical assessment of your IT systems, infrastructure, and processes, followed by hands-on IT advisory services. We explain what needs to be changed and how to pursue sustainable transformation to ensure you’re positioned ahead of evolving market demands.
Our digital transformation consultants analyze the current state of your IT capabilities to gauge your architecture setup, state of legacy assets, overall technical maturity, and business process efficacy. We use these findings to shape your roadmap for new technology investments, system updates, process reengineering, and infrastructure security so you know which initiatives to prioritize to unlock trapped value, gain cost savings, minimize security risks, and speed up time to market.


Intellias is closing the gap by:

  • Developing modern IT strategy to boost the rapid IT transformation process
  • Applying pragmatic methodology to make strategy efficient
  • Providing portfolio optimization, solution redesign and product implementation services
  • Focusing on quick wins in short-term and strategic goals on a wide scale

Pursue critical IT initiatives with confidence

Our services

IT Organization Assessment


IT Services Assessment

Increase your operational efficiency with an optimized IT service catalog, a right-sized IT platform, and improved cross-functional communication and collaboration


Service delivery assessment

Deploy new software faster with lower failure rates with a new framework for development, delivery, and release process management


Service reliability assessment

Gain operational resilience and reduce service disruptions by locating and eliminating gaps in system performance, service reliability, and service support levels

IT Organization Transformation


IT services transformation guidance

Prepare all important areas of IT for digital transformation: systems, service portfolio, technical platforms


DevOps adoption guidance

Streamline new software delivery with our proactive support in implementing DevOps and SecOps best practices

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Service reliability guidance

Get your systems to an antifragile state, transition support to IT Ops teams, and improve your service reliability levels for international and external users

Benefits of IT advisory services



Empower your C-suite with acute insights for technical transformations. Gain trust in your IT department’s ability to provision required services effectively and reliably



Hit higher performance benchmarks and minimize downtime with architecture and infrastructure right-sized to your demands and scalable for new challenges



Introduce a greater degree of automation and self-service capabilities to your IT processes to bring new products to market faster and with a lower failure rate



Reduce operational costs with a rationalized technology and IT services portfolio to unlock trapped budgets for innovation and research

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Receive a deep assessment of your current IT practices, system security, and infrastructure architecture to locate areas for further improvement



Drive ongoing improvements and progressively transition your company’s IT to a digital-first state. Secure your position as the digital market leader

Success storyView all case studies

Technology assessment services for a digital bank

Our client, a digital bank operating in the Gulf region, was entering a stage of aggressive growth. To ensure sustainable scaling, the bank’s leadership partnered with Intellias to provide IT transformation consulting services. Our team delivered a comprehensive assessment of the bank’s technical infrastructure maturity, endpoints, and cybersecurity as well as a deep assessment of their current IT architecture, production environment capacity, and overall business process efficiency. Our team highlighted underperforming functional areas and provided a blueprint for relocating business resources and prioritizing subsequent investments.

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DevOps adoption guidance for an eLearning company

BrainStorm has been partnering with Intellias for the past ten years. Apart from delivering a new corporate training solution, our consultants have helped BrainStorm shift to a DevOps mindset and optimize their development, testing, and delivery processes for new software. Our team transformed the company’s product delivery flow from manual to scheduled and automated deployments, configured an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) provisioning environment, and implemented a CI/CD methodology. As a result, BrainStorm significantly improved their time to market for new products, minimized delays due to infrastructure changes, and streamlined the release process.

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Digital transformation services for a retail platform

An award-winning retail platform serving over 2.5 million daily visitors planned to migrate to a new data management platform. To mitigate disruption and ensure business continuity, the company sought out an external auditor to assist with ensuring a smooth rollout of the new platform. Our digital transformation consultants conducted an in-depth assessment of the client’s IT infrastructure, development ecosystem, supporting processes, and implementation roadmap. We delivered a step-by-step system rollout guide (with a disaster recovery plan) to carry out a stable and rapid migration to the new platform.

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IT system architecture design for a cloud transportation platform

Our client was pursuing an ambitious project of transforming a legacy core into a cloud-based unified transportation management platform running on Azure. The Intellias DevOps team formalized, set up, and configured scalable cloud infrastructure along with supporting tools, platforms, and processes for running SaaS solutions and distributing them as public APIs. Additionally, our team refactored a legacy monolithic app and migrated it to the new cloud platform. The new architecture has enabled the client to diversify its product portfolio and target a new customer segment.

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Target IT architecture design and implementation for a commercial bank

One of Europe’s largest commercial banks was planning to launch a new payment system to meet market needs for fast, secure, and affordable remittances. However, like many banks, they had a legacy core system that stood in the way of digital transformation. Intellias helped the bank design a new SOA and microservices-based architecture that effectively decoupled the core into 12 independent products and services. Additionally, we helped the bank adopt DevOps best practices and deploy a new Tier 2 data center infrastructure with an expected uptime of 99.741%.

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Platform modernization and IT transformation services for a lender

To maintain the leading position on the market, a German digital lending platform was seeking a technology partner to assist with legacy system modernization. Our digital transformation consultants developed a targeted IT architecture for the company and a migration roadmap for updating from a monolithic to a microservices architecture. Intellias engineers successfully performed the system upgrade in 1.5 years with ROI achieved in one year. At all times, business continuity remained uninterrupted, so the client didn’t experience any system downtime.

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What makes Intellias digital transformation services competitive

Market-tested digital transformation framework

As a technology partner first and an IT advisory services provider second, Intellias has spent the past two decades polishing internal business processes and raising our technical acumen across business domains through involvement in our clients’ projects. We practice what we advise in our operations. But we also understand the unique challenges and limitations companies face at different levels of technical maturity and in different industries.

Before naming any suggestion a “best practice,” we put it to a rigorous test within our internal Centers of Excellence, then structure the obtained insights into a potential solution to a common bottleneck. Through careful analysis and field tests, we collect technical knowledge that has proven to lead to incremental improvements in IT services delivery, infrastructure performance, and cost optimization and share it with our clients as a digital transformation roadmap.

Tailored assessments and fit-for-purpose processes

Digital transformation solutions are plenty, but fewer consultants understand the breadth of IT systems and the depth of IT architecture as well as we do. When companies approach us, they already recognize they have a weakness in digital capabilities. Our role is to provide more context to the problem and — more importantly — a tailored way to close existing gaps.

Our IT assessments are aimed at helping you align your tech investments with internal business unit needs as well as external market demands. Our IT transformation services help ensure you’re getting state-of-the-art technology and wider operational value enhancement aligned with your business strategy. To achieve that, we provide cross-functional and industry-wide expertise fit for your purposes.

Reduced risk and cost of transformations

We understand there’s a good reason why you’re modernizing legacy systems and undertaking other IT digital transformation initiatives. But intervention can lead to disruption, bottlenecks, and ecosystem fragility. Our goal is to guide you through transformations in a progressive manner. Receive a roadmap that integrates with your business processes, SLA standards, and security requirements and is backed by business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Our digital transformation consultants look for quick wins and non-disruptive improvements first, then map these to more complex company-wide initiatives. Step by step, we tackle underlying inefficiencies and underperforming blocks and replace them with new solutions that form your digital backbone. By cultivating outcome-driven relationships, we help companies execute their end-to-end transformation at speed and scale.

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