Intellias Releases Whitepaper on Emissions-Free Agriculture

Intellias prepares agribusinesses and farmers for a sustainable future with an expert look at technological ways to minimize agricultural emissions

September 09, 2022

2 mins read

In September 2022, Intellias, a global technology partner to agricultural businesses and solution providers, released a whitepaper titled Emission-Free Agriculture: Technology vs Global Warming.

As the agricultural sector is suffering more than most from global warming, agribusinesses are looking for sustainable ways to run their operations. Changing climate conditions, drought, and severe heat affect yields. And the sad truth is that agriculture also contributes to global warming, as one-quarter of greenhouse gas emissions come from farming practices.

To effectively reduce its carbon footprint, the agricultural industry has to overcome a lack of digital collaboration. This whitepaper aims to bridge the gap between agribusinesses and technology companies, enabling them to jointly move to a more climate-resilient and environment-friendly future.

Intellias’ Emission-Free Agriculture whitepaper takes a clear look at the causes of greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture and ways to reduce them. Read the whitepaper to:

  • Discover types of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions
  • Learn common ways of reducing these emissions
  • Find out what tech solutions make agricultural practices less dangerous for the environment
  • Learn how agricultural businesses can benefit from advanced technologies

Reducing GHG emissions in agriculture is a complex problem. And it’s not limited to farming itself. Food waste, packaging, and transportation all result in GHG emissions too. Fortunately, advanced technologies give us hope for a carbon-neutral future. Download this whitepaper to get a detailed view of recent technology solutions that can become tools in the fight against climate change, helping AgriTech companies get to the roots of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions to fight them efficiently.

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