Intellias Releases Road Intelligence Whitepaper

Intellias presents an expert approach to fusing physical and digital infrastructure to enhance the experience of living and moving in cities

In August 2022, Intellias, a global technology partner to transportation and mobility service providers, released a whitepaper titled Road Intelligence: Fusing Physical and Digital Infrastructure.

Global urbanization comes with road congestion, overcrowded streets, increased air pollution, and high levels of road incidents. Cities require WHOM to reconsider previously accepted transportation, mobility, and infrastructure approaches. To cover the needs and improve the living experience of residents, city authorities and global companies are starting to adopt technologies that gradually fuse physical and digital infrastructure to optimize public spaces and roads.

This whitepaper suggests how the transportation and mobility industries can be remapped around four core principles — visibility, efficiency, safety, and sustainability — through a combination of strategic planning, advanced software, and complex technological solutions.

The world is removing barriers between physical and digital to increase visibility and safety with the power of technology. Intellias is dedicated to contributing to the future of mobility with our 20 years of industry knowledge and strong engineering DNA.

Vitalii Dutka, Head of Transportation and Mobility at Intellias

Intellias’ Road Intelligence whitepaper will provide you with a clear look at how to enhance city infrastructure with the following digital capabilities:

  • Connectivity: V2X, location-based services, IoT, edge devices
  • Digital infrastructure: Cloud, APIs, system integrations, computer vision
  • Analytics: Big data analytics, predictive analytics, video telematics
  • Software solutions: ITSM, traffic management systems, electric mobility solutions, EV fleet management software

This whitepaper will be useful for urban planners, transportation and mobility service providers, and government agencies looking for a technological solution to everyday challenges in cities. Such ambitious projects as sustainable decarbonization, real-time traffic management, micro-mobility as a service, and semi-autonomous driving require a systematic approach and joint effort. Download this whitepaper to get a detailed view of how to position your software product to serve users, public authorities, and society at large.

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