Intellias Releases Connected Driving Whitepaper

Intellias showcases how Tier 1 vendors can meet consumer demands and industry offers by becoming value-adding service providers for OEMs

November 01, 2018

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On November 1, 2018, Intellias introduced its comprehensive whitepaper titled “Connected Driving: Surviving the Latest Technology Disruption.” Intellias is one of the leading Tier 2 companies providing automotive software and location-based solutions to OEMs and Tier 1 vendors from Germany, the UK, Japan, and South Korea. In this report, Intellias offers proven ways for OEMs and Tier 1 vendors to tackle automotive industry challenges.

The whitepaper covers:

  • Challenges Tier 1 vendors face while becoming service providers for OEMs
  • Key actions for Tier 1 vendors to implement a new business model
  • Strategies for transforming the Tier 1 business model
  • Solving the challenges of cost, competence, and scalability
  • Three practical case studies describing how Tier 1s can overcome the challenges they face in their transformation

In this whitepaper, Intellias highlights the emerging challenges that automakers face due to the rapid merging of technological innovations and the automotive sector and suggests effective ways to overcome these challenges. Trends such as mobility, connectivity, and autonomous driving are shaping the new automotive ecosystem, making traditional approaches obsolete and providing software vendors with opportunities to outpace car manufacturers.

Based on rigorous research and solid experience in the automotive sector and specifically with connected cars, Intellias has compiled a complete report for automakers to help them regain a competitive edge.

After an extensive review of research on consumer requirements from top agencies including McKinsey, Deloitte, and Bergen, Intellias found that demands for safety dominate.

The biggest benefit of connectivity is safety. Humans learn from situations that are a little bit dangerous. If you drive and see a child crossing the road, you start to brake really hard and then think, God, it could be a terrible accident, I’ll never drive so fast anymore and will be attentive. And the next time you’re going much slower in the pedestrian area. Unfortunately, this is how we sometimes learn, not obviously from our mistakes but maybe from near accidents. Now take the power of connectivity. A self-driving car learns its lessons once and can distribute the knowledge to other cars, accelerating learning for all vehicles at the same time.

Serge Lambermont, Independent Automotive Consultant

Currently, technology companies can address consumer demands for software-defined vehicles more efficiently than automakers due to their technology backgrounds and customer-centric approaches. Tier 1 vendors should revise their business models and strategies accordingly, providing targeted solutions to focus on vehicle safety and deliver more value to consumers.

Intellias has conducted its own independent research on 87 Tier 1 providers to investigate the core car connectivity offerings. The company also collected opinions from subject matter experts, including:

  • Christoph Lang, Director of Corporate Research at Bosch
  • Clemens Rheinfelder, Independent Autonomous Driving and Connected Car Expert
  • Ihor Starepravo, Automotive Practice Lead at Intellias
  • Randolph Toom, Director of Innovation at FAAR Industry
  • Serge Lambermont, Independent Automotive Consultant
  • John Estrada, CEO at eTrans Systems, Founder of Driverless Transportation

Intellias is excited to present a complete roadmap — based on expert opinions and independent research — for Tier 1 vendors to become successful complex integrators for OEMs.


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