Intellias Joins Global Efforts to Halt COVID-19 Pandemic

Intellias joins the international fight against COVID-19 by purchasing 10,000 test kits for Ukraine

March 25, 2020

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On March 21, 2020, Intellias, one of the leading software engineering companies in Ukraine, allocated funds to purchase 10,000 COVID-19 speed tests.

As the world witnesses the unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19, Intellias is joining the global fight against the rapidly spreading coronavirus by supporting the Ukrainian healthcare system. Intellias has set up a dedicated cross-functional workgroup to closely monitor the spread of the pandemic worldwide (and particularly in Ukraine) and to respond effectively to the risks it poses and the damage it causes.

We’re experiencing an unprecedented situation today that requires not only governments but businesses to take decisive actions. Therefore, Intellias is joining the fight against the coronavirus in Ukraine. We believe that holding back the spread of the virus is as important and urgent as preparing medical institutions to treat patients. Having consulted with medical experts, we can say that early detection of one infected person will prevent a massive number of infections, saving lives and the resources of medical institutions.

Michael Puzrakov, COO and co-founder of Intellias

Apart from purchasing COVID-19 speed tests, Intellias has contributed funds for the United for Health initiative launched by Lviv IT Cluster.

Intellias has also limited use of the company’s offices and successfully moved its experts to work-from-home mode in order to practice one of the key preventive actions to slow the virus’s spread: social distancing.

The health and safety of our colleagues and their families have always been our priority. However, we understand how critical it is to continue delivering our services to clients with full productivity and in the full scope during these tough times. For that reason, we have re-established our processes and requested as many of our employees as possible to work from home, cancelled all business trips, and moved meetings online. The past week has been compelling evidence that we are a powerful team of professionals capable of quickly adapting to the new reality. I am confident that overcoming this crisis will make us even stronger.

Vitaly Sedler, CEO and co-founder of Intellias

The COVID-19 pandemic will surely harm global economic growth in 2020, so Intellias is now adopting new growth strategies. The current situation shows obvious weak points in existing systems: user interfaces like those found on ATMs that presume tactile interactions, public transport, industrial controllers. We have to think of alternative ways to manage our daily routines.

Intellias will focus its efforts on technologies and particular solutions that can prevent similar situations in the future. After the COVID-19 pandemic is over, Intellias will continue working on voice controllers powered by virtual assistants and voice recognition systems that offer efficient alternatives to existing products.

If focusing on opportunities rather than challenges, then we’ll understand that it’s time to invest into the extension of the development and production plans. We have to build more efficient environments for all the companies in the telco sector, as it is clear now that available infrastructure cannot handle so many people working and simply communicating remotely.

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