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Big data in retail: use cases to guide your business

Precise targeting

target only those who are most likely to make a purchase

Data clearance

sift through and focus only on the most valuable data

Customer journey mapping

understand what customers go through and improve their experience

Marketing strategy definition

build a successful marketing strategy based on big data insights

Risk management & prediction

simulate different scenarios to identify and eliminate all potential risks

Optimal location selection

analyze potential traffic to find the best place for opening your store

Human resource management

control and reward your employees

Sales forecasting

make timely predictions on peak periods or force majeure

Fleet management

optimize your fleet’s efficiency and safety while reducing costs

Enhanced inventory management

use big data to prevent loss and service seasonal needs

Big data services for retail

To be successful, retailers must target and retain customers, predict changes, make prompt business decisions, and establish loyalty among employees. Meanwhile, big data analytics in retail can optimize these processes while cutting costs. But how can you collect and process large data volumes in real-time? That’s where our big data services come into play. Combining the latest AI advances with traditional methods, we’ll help you automate the entire big data lifecycle — from collection to drawing valuable insights.

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Smart facility management system

Our client — a Belgian building management software provider — needed to enrich their platform with an energy management solution. Having built a dedicated 60-member team and reworked half of the client’s database, Intellias provided a data-driven, cloud-based solution that collects 50,000 data points from various channels per second, converts them into metrics, and collates them in a central database for analysis, comparison, and benchmarking. As a result, the client expanded their global reach to 1.5 million users and won Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 award.

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Business intelligence platform for reporting

EveryMatrix — a global provider of award-winning FinTech solutions — came to Intellias with a request to develop an integrated payment processing software and a B2B payment processing platform. The partnership resulted in MoneyMatrix — a PCI DSS-compliant, a holistic payment platform that handles transactions in over 100 countries, and 150 currencies. It covers all payment processing and risk management needs associated with real-money gaming, sports betting, forex, and digital industries.

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Consumer engagement platform for data analytics

A Fortune 500 retailer needed a holistic platform that would allow monitoring all interactions within its complex network of retail data acquisition services. Acting as a software development vendor inside the organization, we managed to fine-tune communication between scattered systems, elaborated data visualization tools, and developed a scalable data lake architecture. This allowed our client to considerably extend their geography and reduce time to market.

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Data-driven fleet management platform

Intellias is developing a fleet management platform for our client, a Fortune 500 provider of commercial truck and tire retreading services. Based on microservices architecture, it should ease documentation processes, optimize logistic and supply chain management, and accelerate the workflow, making it more efficient. The end product will offer online access to all warehouses of the client, make all product information readily available, enable finding tire-fitting centers and scheduling tire service appointments, simplify purchasing tires, and beyond.

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Comprehensive technology assessment for a digital bank

Intellias have conducted technology assessment that led to costs optimization, investment attractiveness increasement, and business growth acceleration. Our client, a digital bank headquartered in Abu Dhabi, decided to reimagine their approach to banking by delivering a revolutionary solution for online banking services. This solution is built on multiple integrated components, consists of cloud-native and serverless applications, and has a profound data storage and orchestration layer.

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Get a competitive edge applying correct data preparation for eCommerce and using big data analytics for retail industry

Improve user experience with big data in eCommerce

Due to the explosive growth of eCommerce, the rise of the smartphone culture, and fierce competition, customer expectations change faster than you could even imagine. To keep up, you must be aware of changes in consumer behavior before they occur. With big data solutions for retail and data preparation for eCommerce in place, you’ll be able to pinpoint what makes your customers laugh, cry, and sigh.

With big data, eCommerce business owners can find the best communication channels to contact their customers, know exactly when they are ready to make purchases, custom-tailor their shopping experience by recommending the right products at the right time, and provide consistent customer experience with all channels functioning as a single organism.

Optimize decision-making with big data analytics in retail

In retail, your success relies heavily on your ability to collect data, process it in real-time, and transform it into actionable solutions on supply chain management, price optimization, risk management, inventory management, merchandising, and, of course, staying ahead of the competition. Big data analytics for retail operations allows to react to marketing challenges promptly and effectively.

Our big data retail analytics services will help you not just to collect, prepare, and process your data in real-time but also to draw meaningful insights from it, as well as discover new opportunities and industry risks. Based on these precious “products” of the wise “cooperation” of big data and retail or big data and eCommerce, you’ll be able to make smart business decisions.

Make timely and well-thought-out staffing decisions

Unlike their eCommerce counterparts, traditional retailers face a host of staffing challenges. Most of these hurdles are associated with seasonal, monthly, and even daily fluctuations in customer traffic. Very few employees are capable of handling these spikes in demand and deliver adequate customer service. That’s where the benefits of big data in the retail industry play a major role.

Big data solutions for retail can help you overcome these hurdles and fine-tune the workflow. With the insights driven from retail big data analytics, you’ll be able to make smart promotion and re-staffing decisions, assign employees with right tasks, adjust staffing levels based on customer demand, retain the best employees, and reduce workforce costs.

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